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Li Tiantian, who is four months pregnant, was sent to a mental hospital for her support of Song Gengyi

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Song Gengyi, a teacher at Aurora University in Shanghai, said in class that the Nanjing Massacre was undoubtedly an anti-human crime, but there was a lack of historical evidence to support the number of deaths, so the investigation should be carried out with a scientific and rational attitude. Did not expect to be dismissed by student informer, the People’s Daily accused the teacher of “waste for the people”.

The shocking news spread quickly, and soon after, the full original video of Song’s lecture leaked out, and it was discovered that the report had been edited, edited and taken out of context. People condemned “this despicable act as a reappearance of the ghost of the Cultural Revolution, a distortion of the soul educated by hatred”.

Teacher Song was expelled, Li Tiantian teacher came forward to condemn the informant, blame quotes out of context, she “feel sad for the mob of students.” On December 17, she posted on social media in support of Song Gengyi, saying, “Once again, I support Song. I don’t want to be the silent majority. As a colleague, there was nothing wrong with her lectures. It was her students, the school that expelled her, the official reports, and the silent intellectuals.”

Li Tiantian, born in the 1990s, lives in a remote village primary school in Xiangxi, Hunan province. She is also a head teacher and a teacher of many courses. She also wrote a poem called “There was a Fox Looking at the Moon”.

“According to the context of Her teaching, her words and deeds in class did not incite or provoke, nor did they oppose or erase the Nanjing Massacre,” she said. She just made her point, respect for people, respect for life, respect for the dead, is that wrong?”

“Yesterday, I was threatened by the Education bureau and the public security Bureau of Yongshun County, and now I have been threatened by the education bureau and the hospital. I have been told that I have mental problems and have to be hospitalized for injection or I will be fired or arrested. I refuse to go. They’ve already fired me. I said I wouldn’t go even if they did. They said, then the public security Bureau will arrest me! I have been driven to the wall and have turned to society for help. If I die, it will be two lives!”

Her fiancĂ©, Mr. Wang, a certified medical examiner from Xi ‘an, is preparing to marry Ms. Li, who neither he nor Ms. Li’s mother believes is mentally ill.

The news of Li Tiantian “mental illness” quickly spread at home and abroad, thanks to the “circle of friends” netizens to come forward, but also thanks to Li teacher desperate determination and quick wisdom.

Lou Brother was one of the first to show concern for Li Tiantian’s fate, Posting on Wechat: “I am not a teacher Li Tiantian family member or relative, nor Li Tiantian teacher colleagues or classmates, we haven’t met, so far, I don’t have a teacher Li Tiantian any family members, relatives, colleagues, or classmates contact”, they are just friends point praise each other, until December 18, 2021 at 8 PM, He opened wechat and saw the “help message” she had sent two hours earlier. The next day, “Teacher Li Tiantian suddenly sent me the” help message “again. On December 19, in two phone calls lasting seven minutes, she told me that she was pregnant, that her boyfriend was coming from out of town, and that if she was driven to the wall, she would have to fight by suicide. “More than a dozen people broke into her bedroom and took her away by force without even asking her to put on her pants,” she said in another wechat message. During the call, Miss Li told Lou that she had hidden a spare phone in her underwear,

Cai Shenkun said, did not think of Li teacher criticism education strange elephant is regarded as a local alien, this time she was forced to mental hospital for song Gengyi teacher voice, it is likely to repeat the splash of ink xiang female Dong Qiongyao tragedy. What kind of world is this? There is no right or wrong. We should appeal to the government of Yongshun county, let go of this beautiful heart of female village female teachers!

Li Tiantian, who is four months pregnant with a Nobel Prize for her poetry, has been locked up in a mental hospital in Yongshun county, West Hunan province, for expressing her personal opinion on a public issue, according to Rong Jian, a Beijing-based scholar.

Some people said: a pregnant, logical and normal working female teacher, because of the Internet posted some words, not enough to commit a crime was put into a mental hospital?

Someone wrote that I saw so much beauty in the eyes of a “mentally ill” female teacher. This is her poem, as beautiful and sad as she is. Li Tiantian, you have to live!

Another said: in the world of crows, a white feather is a sin. If we let this feather fall, each of us would be guilty!

Li Xuewen, a writer who also served as a village teacher, pointed out in the article “Lotus in Western Hunan: A Brief Discussion on Li Tiantian’s Poetry Art”, “As a writer who has written poems for more than ten years, when I read Li Tiantian’s poems for the first time, my first feeling was: Amazing! It does not seem to be written by a post-90s writer. “Such an excellent poet, rooted in rural education in western Hunan, benefited children with her talent and wisdom. In this materialistic era, this is a wonderful thing. I wouldn’t believe she was insane if you beat me to death, unless the old Soviet tradition of locking up poets in mental hospitals is carried forward here.”

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