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Party leadership may become the pinnacle of Chinese political power

Posted by on 2019/11/02. Filed under China,Headline News. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

(BOXUN) The suspicions and rebel factions of the people took the revolutionary slogan, and the political prisoners standing on the high platform became the object of disdain. This is a scene of the Cultural Revolution launched by the CCP in China more than 50 years ago. The CCP finally stopped this cultural revolution, but such influence still affects China’s political situation. This week, the Fourth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party ended. After this extremely low-key political conference issued an external communique, a fever of learning reports was set up across China. The CCP requires party members and cadres to write learning materials related to them. Now this practice has been extended to non-party cadres. Writing learning materials is a manifestation of the loyalty of the CCP. Learning these things is also the best way for vested interests in the CCP system to learn to protect themselves.

Why can China raise the enthusiasm for learning after a grand political meeting? This is due to the CCP’s educational concept of nationalism and party-state integration for decades. A few years ago, the CCP began to elaborate on the integration of the party and the state, including the use of some institutionalized education promotion model. The outside world has become more and more anxious after the Fourth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party. On the one hand, it is hoped that foreign investment companies can come to China to invest in foreign propaganda, and on the other hand, they have to resolve Western social accusations of human rights in China. Obviously, China In this propaganda war in the ideological field, we have chosen a good way to make foreign investment in China must adopt a default attitude on issues involving China’s human rights. However, the Chinese government has accused Chinese companies of politically intervening in business, and the Chinese government will not recognize it and will not respond.

The extreme patriotic enthusiasm gradually became more and more numb after becoming the leader of the Chinese Communist Party. Many Chinese public intellectuals choose not to say anything in such a game or to criticize the CCP’s policies. Perhaps in the future, Chinese leaders do not want to have too many different voices, which is a threat to power itself. The Chinese political situation is just like the American TV series “House of Cards”. After the power itself began to show some subtle changes, it had to start reshuffling. The party’s leadership has risen to a game of power, and the control of political capital has become a compulsory course for officials. The economic downturn has accelerated and the employment of the people has become a problem that these officials have to face. The peak of power has gradually become at your fingertips, and the role of power in this has gradually become more common.
The party led everything. This was what the Stalins often said to his aides during the late period of power. This expression was also written into the documents of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The CCP has been emphasizing that its party model is not to the Soviet Union. Learned and called socialism with Chinese characteristics. In such a system, the shadow of the Soviet model has always existed in it.

Obviously, the consciousness of power and the sense of authority are the ultimate manifestations of the need for the Chinese Communist Party to strengthen. This is the key to the survival of this party, and of course it also contains many personal interests of self-interest. At the press conference after the Fourth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department said that it was the first time to hold a meeting on party building and system at such a moment. This implies that the CCP itself believes that this is a crucial moment for life and death. The Chinese leaders themselves are also very worried that power will be disintegrated and replaced by a democratic society.

The change of political power in China’s dynasties has been triggered by a large-scale mass movement. In this communique, the “modernization of governance capacity” has been rewritten, which means that the CCP has begun to use technology to monitor the people’s words and deeds on a large scale. Even such technological means were exported to African countries and some countries in Latin America. Large-scale monitoring behavior can be seen everywhere in the country’s Xinjiang region. However, the publication of such a statement in the communique after the Fourth Plenary Session is undoubtedly a certain degree of vigilance in the international community.

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