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Wu Gan video from 2012: I’m a patriot

Posted by on 2015/07/04. Filed under China,Headline News,Video. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

On Friday, July 3, 2015, Boxun received a video recorded three years ago by activist Wu Gan (online name “Super Vulgar Butcher”) along with permission to publish it. In the video Wu Gan emphasizes that he’s committed no crime, and declares that if he goes missing or is somehow framed as guilty, he won’t commit suicide and won’t give up his right to have a lawyer represent him.

The video was shot on July 10, 2012. In it Wu Gan narrates in detail his human-rights activism since 2008. This includes the cases of Deng Yuqiao, the three Fujian Province netizens and Xia Junfeng.

In the video Wu Gan emphasizes that he’s a patriot and wants to help his country become better. He doesn’t want to see hooligans monopolize political power and harm his country. He pleads for all those who are concerned about “people like him without security,” to support them and hopes the international community will also make this plea.

Full context of WU Gan’s speech from the video:

Hello Everyone. My name is Wu Gan. Internet name: The Super Vulgar Butcher. Today is July 10, 2012. Today in this bamboo forest I’m recording this video as a backup record. Why? Because in this insecure country without rule of law, I could at any time be persecuted, disappeared or placed under house arrest. I’m recording this video in advance. If I disappear for a month, or 40 days, I authorize the people making this video to post it on the Internet. I previously served as a soldier for two years in Fujian Province’s Xiamen City Gaoqi airport border inspection station. After being demobilized I changed professions and worked at Xiamen airport doing security check work. After more than a decade I resigned. In 2008 I began writing articles on various platforms on the Internet. After that, in 2009, I began participating in public issue activism. For example the Hubei Province Deng Yujiao murder case, the Kunming child prostitution case, the three framed netizens in Fujian Province, the Qian Yunhui village chief case in Zhejiang Province, the Liaoning Province Shenyang City Xia Junfeng killing of a city auxiliary police officer, and other public issues.
In China it’s risky to participate in cases like this. Why? Because the public security authorities don’t like it. They believe you’re opposing them. So I’ve been harassed for participating in these cases, had my communications monitored, my family threatened, been held under house arrest and jailed, and held for entire days “drinking tea” and being warned by the police. Much of the time my actions aren’t free and when I go places I’m involuntarily sent home. My actions, communications, person, all are not free. Also the Fujian Province home demolition case and the special interests it encroached upon. So I’m making this video to tell everyone my circumstances. So if I disappear or am framed for a crime, I hereby announce that, first, I will never commit suicide or refuse the representation of an attorney. And second, everything I’ve done has been legal, nothing I’ve done has been criminal or in violation of the law. And if I disappear I will request the representation of an attorney. My attorney is Ma Xiaopeng of the Xialin Law Firm. If other attorneys are willing they can also represent me. I also authorize You Jingyou, Wang Lihong, and this lawyer to speak for me in public. And if I lose my freedom I will not refuse the representation of a lawyer. This I want to repeat. I also will not commit suicide. I hope that everyone can together pay attention to those like me in China without security and help call for this internationally. I love my country. It’s because I don’t want to see hooligans monopolize political power and harm my country that I help people. Our thinking is very simple: we want to help our country be happier. Other than this I don’t have too much ambition. I hope that everyone can support me and help me call for these things. Thank you.


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