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Exclusive:Human Right Lawyer Jiang Tianyong’s wife Jin Bianling: Jiang is still not fully free

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Jiang Tianyong, a well-known human rights lawyer who participated in a large number of rights protection cases on the Chinese mainland, has not been granted real personal freedom since he was released from prison in 2019. Jiang’s wife, Jin Bianling, said the communist party authorities still limited Jiang’s activities to the village where his parents live, and that he would need permission to travel elsewhere. While Jiang Tianyong has yet to recover from the communist Party’s relentless surveillance, Jin, with the hope of reuniting with her husband in the United States, is a staunch and continuing voice for human rights defenders.

Travel restrictions in the name of quarantine

Jiang has long championed the rights of China’s underprivileged, and was the target of a crackdown by the Communist Party in 2008 for his role in the direct election of the Beijing Bar Association. In July 2009, the Beijing Municipal Justice Bureau revoked his license to practice law. In 2009, Jiang Tianyong was placed under house arrest several times for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Beijing, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and the 20th anniversary of the communist Party of China. On February 19, 2011, he was arrested by the police in connection with the Jasmine flower incident in China. He was released on April 20.

In 2017, Jiang Tianyong was sentenced by the CCP to two years in prison and deprived of political rights for three years for “inciting subversion of state power” in connection with the 709 arrests. When Jiang Tianyong returned to his parents’ home in Xinyang, Henan Province, after completing his sentence on February 28, 2019, the Communist Party of China (CPC) did not relax its surveillance on him. The surveillance officers built a small house near Jiang Tianyong’s parents’ home and tracked him at close range whenever he left the house.

Until the end of February, jiang tianyong received have been deprived of political rights told at the end of the book, to build homes are near the demolished, but jiang tianyong still did not get the real freedom, “although on the surface that was shed tear down, but in fact they (the authorities) told jiang tianyong, the village, as long as they will call them and let them know that”.

Jin said that Jiang Tianyong would need to obtain approval from the Communist Party authorities before he could buy a train ticket, and that the party might restrict his travel by monitoring health codes and other measures.

“In further control the human rights of the Chinese communist party”, Jin said, before the outbreak, the communist party of China is tracking by monitoring the id card was “blacklist” of human rights defenders, the outbreak period, the communist party of China is the use of so-called “health and epidemic prevention code” change the disease risk information, and activists from control by their attention. “They can change the green code at will. They can change the red code to restrict them from giving up their province. This is a disguised form of restriction and control over people,” Jin said.

The contrast between helping and persecuting America and China is stark

Jin said that their original intention to uphold human rights is to promote the progress of the rule of law in China, and that their future generations can grow up in an environment of human rights and freedom, but “the environment of human rights and freedom in China is gradually deteriorating.”

In contrast to China, where the rule of law is increasingly being undermined by the Communist Party, Jin has experienced human rights and freedom in the United States, where she and her children live, work and attend school with the help of the American government.

‘Compared to a decade ago, the rule of law in China continues to slide,’ Jin said. ‘Before, the Communist Party authorities were somewhat restrained by the law, but now they have no qualms about cracking down on rights defenders and dissidents.’ While Kim and her children can work and go to school in the United States, the families of the victims of the 709 arrests in China are facing difficulties such as their children not being able to go to school and being controlled by the Communist Party of China due to the epidemic. “The problem they are facing now is that their children can’t go to school, and the Chinese communist Party is using the epidemic as a pretext to control people.”

He will continue to defend his rights despite his disappointment with the COMMUNIST Party

Under the communist Party’s long-term crackdown and surveillance, Jiang Tianyong emerged from prison in 2019 with severe swelling and was blocked by police from seeking medical treatment. Jin Told the reporter that Jiang Tianyong’s leg swelling is better now, but his body is still weak. “We often talk on the phone now, and I will say, ‘You get your body well first. Ms. Jin added that both she and Mr. Jiang felt it would be difficult to defend their rights amid deteriorating human rights and freedoms in China.

“I am in a foreign country where there is freedom of speech, so I will focus on and support them [human rights defenders] with my ability.”

In such as Jiang Tianyong, Ding Jiaxi, Cheng Yuan, and Li mingzhe is working hard on China’s human progress, the communist party of China has suffered persecution of the communist party of China, “they sacrificed for the human rights cause a lot of” gold become ling will be associated with the persecution of other family members, for their voice, and for Taiwan’s NGO worker was released, Jin said, I hope the Chinese Communist Party can return Jiang Tianyong’s freedom and “let him come to the United States and reunite with me and our daughter.”

Jin Bianling said, later will continue to support for the activists, dissidents, and petitioners, expose their crackdown by Chinese, imprisonment and even torture, “we can through the network to support, pay attention to, go forward, let the world, let more people know of the communist party of China to the persecution of activists and dissidents, let more people to know to understand”.

Even though the rule of law in China is regressing and disappointing, Jin will continue to express her support for the human rights defenders who have contributed so much to China’s progress, “because our generation grew up without human rights and freedom, and we don’t want the next generation or the generation after that to continue to be persecuted like this.”

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