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Dynamic zero behind Shanghai, the secondary tragedy emerge one after another

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More than a month has passed since the lockdown of Shanghai, an economic powerhouse of China with a population of 24 million, and the status of Shanghai residents has been uniformly changed into: nucleic acid, grabbing vegetables, watching the number of newly confirmed cases. In recent days, the number of newly confirmed cases in Shanghai continues to rise. Meanwhile, the chaos under the city lockdown is endless.

On April 14, it was reported that local health officials in Shanghai are also under great pressure as the epidemic situation worsens. It was reported online that Qian Wenxiong, director of the information center of Shanghai Hongkou District Health Commission, committed suicide in his office on the afternoon of April 12. On April 13, Qian Wenxiong’s family confirmed the unfortunate news by Posting an obituary on his wechat moments, saying, “Everything was kept simple during the epidemic. The families are too sad to receive at this time.”

Qian Wenxiong, director of the information center of Shanghai’s Hongkou District Health Commission, committed suicide and his wife later committed suicide, Hu Xijin, former editor-in-chief of mainland media global Times, said on his Microblog on April 14. “Lao Hu sought confirmation from fellow journalists in Shanghai, who confirmed to me that Qian Wenxiong had died and his wife was well.”

Mr Hu said, however, that Mr Qian’s death was enough. The tragedy has clearly added to the impression that Shanghai’s epidemic prevention has overwhelmed some on the ground. Hu said a variety of disturbing information and videos have been posted online in Shanghai over the past two days, which all point to strong dissatisfaction with the tragedy and cost of fighting the epidemic, as well as a sense of anxiety caused by the prolonged lockdown.

In city after sealing materials supply, it is a staggering phenomenon, due to the large seal city scope and time is too long, most families have run out of food or supplies enough, very period, the international metropolis, China’s economic center of Shanghai in 2022 appeared “barter”, running errands for fee and take-away member appeared, pass out a member, After the delivery company confirmed that it could earn more than 10,000 yuan in a single day, it was criticized by public opinion for taking the opportunity to make money from the epidemic. After the official knew about it, he immediately asked the platform to stop malicious price increase, which was a disguised request for “tipping”.

According to Chinese media reports, Chinese Internet users are having a hot debate about how some deliverymen from delivery service provider SF Express Can earn more than 10,000 yuan per day under lockdown in Shanghai. And the industry also confirmed recently, “city knight daily income of more than ten thousand yuan” is not groundless wind.

According to screenshots of the details of deliveryman’s income that went viral in China, the deliveryman earned 167,75 yuan on April 9 alone. SF Express said that after checking the background, it confirmed that the deliveryman completed 60 orders on that day, with basic commission of 534 yuan and various special rewards of 1,678 yuan. Users gave away about $7,856, or nearly 80% of their income. That is to say, the deliveryman earned an average of $36.9 per order, excluding rewards, and an average of $131 per order.

The news sparked criticism from Chinese netizens, who questioned that no one would accept orders if the platform users did not tip, and argued that deliverymen took the opportunity to make a fortune from the epidemic. The income of a single day’s running could cover the monthly salary of office workers, and people who were trapped in hunger at home could not be trusted.

To this, the Shanghai market regulator 13 then warned electric business platform, require companies to strengthen the management to send member outside the platform, contains the consumers informed outbreaks, wealth, power, prevent operators request platform to take action in order to strengthen the management of running errands, code and other service fees, to stop foreign send “malicious price” and other inappropriate behavior.

Lang Xianping, a Taiwan economist active in the Chinese mainland’s financial media, confirmed on November 11 that his mother died after waiting for the results of nucleic acid research for four hours in the emergency room of a Hospital in Shanghai. He also missed the last time to see his mother because of the lockdown in Shanghai.

Lang Xianping, who lives with his mother in Shanghai, confirmed on his Weibo account on The afternoon of April 11 that the news about his mother’s death was true, saying that he did not want to use public resources to talk about his family’s private affairs, but now that it has spread, he will explain the situation himself, CNA reported.

He said he and his brother were grieving and the tragedy could have been prevented. The 98-year-old mother was already suffering from kidney failure. According to the diagnosis in the past, she only needed an injection. However, he was “deeply shocked” that his mother had to wait four hours for the nucleic acid to be taken in a third-class hospital because of Shanghai’s strict regulations that nucleic acid must be taken before seeking medical treatment. The mother died after waiting four hours in front of the emergency room.

Lang Xianping said that he wanted to see his mother for the last time, but because of the closure of the community, it took a considerable amount of time to communicate with the relevant authorities before he was allowed to go to the hospital, and because of the closure of the city, it was impossible to get a DiDi on the road, so he could not see his mother for the last time. He said he hoped the tragedy would not happen again.
Some netizens replied to his post, saying: “Professor is like this, let alone ordinary people”, “why don’t you reflect on why such tragedies continue to happen”, “more and more rich people will leave here”, “I am so rigid that I don’t know which is more important, saving lives or doing nucleic acid!” And so on.

“I urge the government to resume economic activities as soon as possible, otherwise Shanghai’s economy will spiral downward,” Lang Xianping wrote on his microblog this morning. “International express delivery, for example, will be banned. Will a ban on express delivery be able to solve the coronavirus? The direction of quarantine is right, but there are many ways that need to be discussed.

Lang Xianping has taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and hosted several financial TV programs in the mainland. He is the author of “Lang Xianping speaks on China’s Business Gang” and “Lang Xianping: China Enters a Critical Decade from Chaos to Change.

The public complains, but the government still sticks to the “zero” policy. China’s epidemic cannot be separated from politics, but is this rigid one-size-fits-all model really worth encouraging?

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