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Go Back to Jesus

Posted by on 2022/04/09. Filed under Headline News,International. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

I have immigrated in Canada since 2010 and I was impressed by the Canadian police 11 years ago. It happened in a Starbucks when my 4 years age son Nuancheng looked up a tall policeman with adoration, the nice guy crouched and smiled to him, hi, young man, he said. My elder son was so happy to get kind responding from his idol.
That was sweet memory of the Canadian police in my heart as a new immigrant.
Now today I have been an old immigrant and Canadian citizen but I witnessed the brutal actions of the police violence in the freedom convoy.How could they beat those peaceful protesters?
What has happened in Canada in these years sneakily?
Firstly let’s figure out what is going on in US.
The left wing extremists politicians are ruling this world. Those traditional conservative evaluations have been abandoned. Those progressive people avowed that we should oppose racism discrimination, we should teach children in school there is no accurate definition of gender and we should be proud to be a LGBT, only those naive people who can’t understand science believe creation rather than evolution.
Absolutely, the raciest discrimination is disgusting, especially I am a born Asian and I am protected by this civilized rule. But, what is a raciest discrimination? If the colorful is discriminated by the white, which is unfair. Is it fair that you will get much more opportunities in the applications for universities or job hirings just only because you were born a colorful one? If you can choose a doctor to operate, which one do you prefer to?The white guy or the colorful guy who only qualifies with the prerequisite of political correct skin color? If you think in some races those people are really good at sports and music, why it is a discrimination that they are not good at maths? By the way, I never mind the saying that Chinese are good at maths but we are dumb in dancing. To tell the truth, I am not so smart in maths but I do well in dancing:blush:
Believe me, we people enjoy the freedom of speech rather than the restrictions to protect those easily broken glass-made hearts.
As for the topic of gender definition, I am so weird that why those public schools in North America had so many policies to confuse children about the natural gender identity. We are human beings and we are creations of God. How dare we break the natural rule so blatantly?
To sum up, there are more and more US people who have not believed in God any more.
Canada is a cousin of US, naturally, these left wing thoughts have spread here over decades.
Why Canada is strong and free? Because we are loved by God and Jesus! If we are abetted by Satan we will be corrupt. In 2022 the Canadian government manipulated by the left wing extremists exposed the ugly face and they violated the constitutional to crackdown the peaceful protest. Additionally, it is changing into a dictatorship with its good name of democratic country.
Do you know, Canada is the only one country in the world where those unvaccinated people are not allowed to take planes and trains.
We are running to the communist country
and when the digital ID and credential level system are established, who can flee away from this relentless net? Who can say NO to any government decision? Your credit card is declined because you joined the demonstration in the parliament hill, no, it’s not a kidding, it has happened and it will happen in the future.
Today I have lost the illusion to the political situation of Canada. It is deteriorating and I don’t know where is its bottom line.
Unfortunately, there are many of Canadians who don’t know what has happened and what is waiting for us tomorrow. They don’t care about present politics and they don’t know that the South African and Venezuela people have taken a long and unconscious time to the hell. The communism will advent before tomorrow advents and we probably lose the last opportunity to fight.
US, Canada, and Europe are all surrounded by the power of Antichrist. The bane lurked in the Second World War. At that time Roosevelt and Churchill regarded Nazism was much more dangerous than communism, I have to say it is a wrong idea.
Now communism has invaded in North America and Europe, its typical characters is Antichrist, authoritarian government, terrorism and deprivation all private issues with the name of collection, sometimes, the name of political correctness.
The blockade of Covid-19 is a throne game that government testing the bottom line of people’s endurance.
The government controls the narrative genre of the excerpts,the mainstream media, with the name of science and health, but there are always some people who have kept common sense, so they found those hoax. For example, why there is no any insurance company responsible for the harm of the Covid-19 vaccines? Why does the government mandate vaccines and has paid high fees from taxpayers.
The Canadian truckers firstly fight for freedom then other occupations join too.I have heard a doctor said since the truckers began then let’s our doctors end this war.
It inspired me but I am not so optimistic. This attack to spirit has begun long long ago. We kind people don’t have enough preparation.
Now the US freedom convoy is prosperous to respond Canada freedom convoy. But the whole world is distracted by the Russia Ukraine war.
Factually, this war is one part of this third world ideology war, a war between bright and dark.
Then who is the force of the Christ, Russia or Ukraine? Many of people will give a wrong answer.The correct answer is Russia.Do you know that Russia is not a communist country any more, it passed around 30 years after Soviet Union was dismantled. Russia is refreshing its orthodox tradition. Ukraine has an complicated entangled relationship with Russia. The war has lasted 8 years in the eastern district of Ukraine.
The mainstream media has lied in many issues, such as the virus origin, US election, demonizing President Trump and freedom convoy.
Now they are producing overwhelming fake news about Russia and Ukraine war. What’s their intention? The best way to anti war is to make an armistice but why those democratic countries leaders are supplying more and more weapons to Ukraine?
Plage, war and starving will demolish ordinary lives. If the order in the Christian civilization is damaged some people will have good excuse to reset the world. They thought they are much more supreme than grassroots people and they can play the role of God to reign the world.
I guess some of you will disagree with me about the opinions about Russia. So I can share with you something else of it.
I was born and grew up in an atheism country but recently I believe in God. Nonetheless,Rome is not built in one day. Over 20 years ago I was obsessed with the greatest Russian writers masterpiece, such as Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, and so many other shining stars.
If there were no God, can I do anything? Anything , whatever it is. This is the important theme in Dostoyevsky’s novels. This kind of thoughts filled in me and enlightened me. You can imagine how did this idea impact me and challenge me.So I began to feel ambiguously there is God. When I was young I have read most of the great Russian novels in Chinese version.
It’s Russian artists who guided me to God.
The era of Soviet Union is a tragedy to Russian orthodox too. 40000 pastors were persecuted to death by Stalin. Today’s Russia is a young shoot from the Orthodox Russia not a heritage of the communist Soviet Union.
But today’s US, Canada and Europe government are offsprings of the left wing extremists politicians from the second world war and at that time they chose to indulge Stalin government more powerful.
It took me assiduous brain labor and dauntless courage to speak aloud these thoughts. If you don’t agree with me, no problem. But please defend me freedom of speech.
Politics is always with intrigues and I have just changed my role from a poet to freedom fighter. Perhaps I am not dexterous enough but I am faith to God. Let’s fight for bright and guide the world back to Jesus! Canada, Strong and Free!

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