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Under the policy of Xi ‘an “Zero Clearing” People’s real life

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In Xi ‘an, the worst-hit city, hundreds of thousands of residents were forced to leave the city. Residents face poorly equipped isolation rooms, some without heat, water and nowhere to complain. Complaints from residents that four people living in a room is like a dormitory have continued to shine a spotlight on the epidemic in a city of nearly 13 million people.

In the past day, China reported 175 new confirmed cases of pneumonia, of which 108 were local cases, including 95 in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi province, eight in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, five in Henan Province, and 67 imported cases. As the city enters its 13th day of lockdown, residents in Xi ‘an are facing a lack of supplies and complaints. Complaints, calls for help, and even abuse are heard from time to time on weibo and wechat moments. They complained that the government’s “zero out campaign” did not help effectively control the epidemic, but increased the burden of residents and increased the chance of secondary crisis. A mother who was quarantined in a hotel complained to the epidemic prevention staff because she could not get her packed lunch. In the video she filmed herself, she said:

“Breakfast has not been delivered yet, I live in room 1502, and there are no sanitary napkins. I have been calling the mayor’s hotline 12345 since yesterday, but no one can handle the matter. Call the police. No one came to pick me up. Calls to the CDC went unanswered. I just want to know, is there no one, is it going to starve us to death? My children haven’t had a meal since eight in the morning.”

Another video provided by residents showed someone Shouting “I want to eat” from a window because they could not get food: “I want to eat, I want to eat……”

More than 3,400 tons of vegetables and 560,000 pieces of vegetables have been dispatched from neighboring provinces to meet the basic vegetable needs of local residents, xi ‘an authorities said Tuesday in response to residents’ complaints about food shortages.

In response to online reports, Shaanxi authorities issued an order to “zero out” the epidemic in Xi ‘an on January 4. CAI Shenkun, a commentator on current affairs, commented that if the case is true, xi ‘an must transport all confirmed patients to the quarantine area outside xi ‘an by today. Such a short lockdown time can achieve the goal of “zero”, I am afraid that experts do not dare to say! According to the time of lifting the lockdown in previous epidemic areas, Yangzhou was shut down for 43 days, Wuhan for 76 days, Shijiazhuang for 23 days and Liwan District in Guangzhou for 28 days. If Xi ‘an unsealed for 12 days, does it mean that the epidemic is not so fierce and terrible as imagined? Or does it mean that the fuping people in northern Shaanxi who just took over Xi ‘an have extraordinary superpowers?

In an interview with the BBC, a retired civil servant in Xi ‘an, Surnamed Liu, blasted local officials for risking their lives to save their own hats. She said:

“Therefore, it should not be said that the people complained all the time. The so-called leaders simply made a mess of the situation. Wuhan was so difficult at that time, but it survived. Yangzhou was not so nervous and embarrassed as Xi ‘an. Isolation point four beds in one room, one quilt, what is isolation? It’s turning into a dorm room. No cross infection is good, nonsense “.

‘Didn’t officials say everything was strictly controlled?’ one netizen wrote. It’s just that the blockader has to be hungry; Only the price of vegetables has gone up several times, dozens of times. Only occasionally to beat the sealer; But everyone is equal before the rules, and fire trucks are not allowed to operate. Controlled, controlled, is that “controlled”? At least the concentration camp had to arrange porridge, dumplings! The author urgently suggests that Xi ‘an be temporarily entrusted to the trusteeship of Shanghai; Zhang Wenhong served as the head of Xi ‘an city.

At around 9 am on Tuesday, xi ‘an began its eighth nucleic acid screening since the city was shut down.

Later, someone received a notice: the city’s nucleic acid testing emergency platform due to the current traffic is too large, the network is currently busy can not be logged in, rush repair.

Wang Chun, a resident, told the BBC that the authorities had ordered the city’s residents to take nucleic acid tests for the eighth time in order to “clear the air” :
“Today we all had nucleic acid tests, didn’t it mean that we had to get zeros? The tables of the residents in the neighborhood next to us had already been set up at five o ‘clock. Our neighborhood had also done the preparatory work well, and we had to wait until eight o ‘clock. I just finished. It crashed.”

Some netizens mocked Xi ‘an officials for their incompetence in handling affairs by writing with brush strokes that read “ear covered to ‘zero'”. Ms Fang, a Resident of Xi ‘an said:

“That’s what they’ve always done. Zeroing him out of sight in the suburbs outside the city. Everything in their power. In a suburban retreat, four people share a room. The college students who delivered the food were so hungry that they cried. After the news broke, food is now available.”

It was reported that an old man in his 70s suffered cerebral hemorrhage and was hospitalized. His son was isolated and unable to take care of the old man. Some netizens commented that the high level issued a death order and ordered Xi ‘an to clear the city within three days. As a result, the local government took infected people to nearby counties and cities, quarantined them in concentration camps, and banned the use of mobile phones in some areas. If one person is infected, the whole building will be pulled away. As long as there is no epidemic in Xi ‘an city, the task will be completed

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