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The author of The Origin of COVID-19:I think the Chinese government may not like the book

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The Search for The Origin of COVID-19 is available in the US on November 16. Zeng says in an interview that she is sure the Chinese government will not like the book, but hopes more people will read it to learn where the virus came from and how to find its source.

From explosive papers questioning the natural transmission of zoonotic viruses to “conspiracy theorists” accused by other scientists of propagating laboratory leaks; From receiving violent letters and being labeled as a “racial traitor” by Chinese media, to becoming an influential expert in investigating the source of the virus by 2021, Dr. Zeng, 32, is a postdoctoral fellow at the Broad Institute of M.I.T. and Harvard.

She said that when she and Ridley wrote, “almost from beginning to end, they just wanted to provide the reader with facts about both the wildlife trade and pathogen research.” But it turns out that scientists in Wuhan and elsewhere in the world working with wuhan “have made genetic modifications to SARS viruses found in nature that sometimes make laboratory animals more contagious and dangerous.”

‘The debate over the source of the virus has assumed that those who believe in laboratory leaks must show proof,’ the book says. But the book argues that the numerous examples discovered so far have shifted the burden of proof to the natural spillovers.

Examples include: Relatives will be coronavirus recently RaTG13 (a from yunnan sumie mine and will be found coronavirus 96.2% degree of approximation of the bat virus) by scientists to Wuhan, in 2012, yunnan sumie 6 miners are bat virus infection 3 people to death events deliberately confusing or misleading, about a year later revealed that wuhan a pandemic virus have other 8 from the mine Similar to the Novel Coronavirus, the database of 22,000 missing entries in the Coronavirus, the virus collection in Wuhan, the long-term records of coronavirus genetic engineering and animal infection experiments, the records of the successes and failures of scientists in the modification of the virus, and the absence of any zoonotic intermediate hosts so far.

“These factors may not yet prove the laboratory spill hypothesis, but they have very clearly undermined the natural spill hypothesis as the default hypothesis.” The book concludes.

The book has a chapter on “laboratory leaks”. Speaking in the early days of the pandemic, a senior scientist at a Research institute in Beijing contracted the Novel Coronavirus infection while working in the laboratory. One of the American virologists, a former colleague of the scientist, wrote in an email, “I am actually very concerned about the possibility of novel coronavirus infection in laboratory personnel.”

The book details several cases of SARS virus leaks from laboratories in Singapore, Taiwan and China between 2003 and 2004. “No matter what country you’re in, if you’re doing that kind of dangerous research, there’s always an opportunity.” Zeng yujia said. “We wrote these stories to help people understand that even if you have a lab at the highest biosecurity level, you can make a mistake.”

Zeng was denounced as a “conspiracy theorist” by senior scientists for his publication in May 2020 of novel Coronavirus that may have certain characteristics previously adapted to human transmission, questioning the prevailing theory of natural evolution of viruses through animal hosts. He was also called a “dirty act” and a “racial traitor” by one Chinese media outlet because of his Chinese heritage.

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