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The blockbuster Changjin Lake Luo changping posted on weibo questioning its justice

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As a super blockbuster as a gift for the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, “Changjin Lake”, which was accused of seriously violating historical facts, was praised by the publicity department, which can be said to be “a sensation before the performance”. After its debut on Sept 30, the box office soared, surpassing 4 billion yuan (RMB) in 11 days. Wu Jing, who directed and starred in two blockbusters of the “Wolf Warrior” series, became famous again with his role as the male lead in “Changjin Lake,” with the script, plot and cast praised by state media. The daily posters of the film were criticized as “steamed bread with human blood” for highlighting the commercial hype of the box office amount, and the public began to call on Wu Jing and other creators to donate all the net income from the film to the bereaved families of the volunteers.

According to the report, during the screening of the film, many of the audience who were affected by the emotional scene of the ice Sculpture Company in the film burst into tears,

The film, which has been officially billed as an “epic” film, has drawn sober criticism online overseas for its historical discrepancies. But such criticism is hard to find inside China’s online firewall, and images of praise abound.

On Oct. 6, just as Changjin Lake was stirring up anti-American xenophobic nationalism in mainland China, Luo Changping, a well-known investigative journalist and former deputy editor of Caijing magazine, posted a Weibo post reminding the public to reflect on the justice of the Communist Party of China sending troops to war in the 1950s.

“Half a century later, Chinese people rarely reflect on the justice of the war, just as the sand sculpting company in those days never doubted the ‘wise decision’ of Shangfeng,” the post said.

“As for the war, there is no need to make too many comments,” the same post said. “Look at north Korea and South Korea now, all the answers are clear.”

This countercurrent micro blog immediately attracted severe criticism from the PLA Daily, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and other official micro blogs. These microblogs made a big fuss about “Stupid Company”, criticizing Luo Changping for using “Sand Diao Company” to refer to “ice Diao Company”, but did not mention Luo Changping’s important points of reflection on the justice of the war and the “wise decision” that he would not doubt Shangfeng. They also carefully avoided who, under what circumstances, The core issue is to make the ice Sculpture Company, which sacrificed for the country, pay the price of their lives without fighting.

Luo was detained by police in Sanya, Hainan province, on Oct 7 on suspicion of “violating the honor and honor of heroes and martyrs”. Luo, whose account had been banned, issued an apology after deleting the controversial post.

Critics pointed out that the Chinese police arrest Luo was meant to suppress criticism was at its own military troops to protect life prop up the regime of Kim il sung, hereditary, therefore and detonated from overseas media wave blunt criticism, the Korean war and inspired many Internet users search mining historical truth research interest of learning. Among the new questions raised online are: Why did the authorities not hold the command of the Chosin Lake battle to account? Why are you rushing to solve the problem in the name of slandering heroes?

The case of Luo Changping, who was arrested for Posting a calm and rational microblog, is the latest record in Chinese literary prisons, an overseas we-media commentator and host of “The Heart of The Little People” said in a comment on YouTube. He believed that Luo Changping was arrested primarily because of his remarks on the movie Changjin Lake, which advocated fascist militarism, denying the justice of the war against the United States and aiding Korea and questioning the legitimacy of the Ruling Communist Party of China, rather than the words “ice Carving Company” or “sand carving Company.”

Fu Zhenchuan, a literary critic living in the United States and author of the novel “Soul for the Rear Sea,” told VOA that “sand diao” is an Internet term that comes from a homonym for “silly diaosi,” a Slang word used to describe someone who is “stupid.” He said it is not exact to say ice sculpture is sand sculpture, but even so, the overall meaning of Luo’s post is clear: to remind people of the injustice of the war. “Just think about it and don’t confuse right and wrong with this movie.”

Fu Zhenchuan believes that the commander of the volunteers at the sacrifice of his officers and men’s lives, hundreds of people should not be frozen to death in vain, Luo Changping will “ice carving even” in Weibo ridicule as “sand carving even”, pointed out that they did not doubt the “wise decision” of the peak, point to the Communist Party of China afraid people to ask the pain of the historical truth.

He said, “It doesn’t make sense to send troops out there without warm clothes. Luo Changping said this point. In fact, he had a good point. But now the political atmosphere is very tense, just say these three words, sand Sculpture company, alas, criminal detention.”

In the Battle of Chosin Lake, both sides suffered heavy casualties. Chinese casualties were several times higher than those of the US-led UN forces. The overwhelming number of Chinese troops were rushed into battle, and due to their thin clothing, more people died of cold and frostbite than were lost in battle. Three companies froze to death in their positions in the extreme cold of minus 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, hence the so-called “ice Sculpture company”.

Why did the Jangjin-Ho Battle take place when hundreds of people were sacrificed on the battlefield as an ice sculpture?

Mr. Fu said he had learned from other volunteer veterans he had interviewed that volunteer fought in Korea with commandos armed with Soviet-style submachine guns behind them, forcing soldiers armed with bulky rifles into battle.

Song Yongyi, a historian of the Communist Party of China and retired professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said it was “utterly inhuman and inconceivable” that the Chinese military had an ice sculpture company on the Korean battlefield.

“I was talking about this ice sculpture company,” he said. They were kuomintang rebels, and the Communists were watching them and would not allow them to retreat. Leaving them frozen to death in a blocking position on Lake Chosin. And there are three of them. It is inconceivable that your army in a democratic country, even though it has orders, would kill and freeze people to death so cruelly.”

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