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The 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall The geopolitical game continues

Posted by on 2019/11/11. Filed under Breaking News,International. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

(BOXUN) A burst of cheers in the crowd! This wall was finally pushed by everyone, and the candlelight parade in Leipzig has always been remembered in the hearts of the people of East Germany and West Germany. The Berlin Wall with the Cold War color has completely fallen down 30 years ago, and the people of East Germany and West Germany have no longer become strangers through this political high wall. Now Germany is back on the right track, facing this world of cold war mentality.

In Asia, a massive student democracy movement parade in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China is being staged. In the world’s largest city square, the fate of Chinese politics is about to change. Unfortunately, Deng Xiaoping, the second-generation leader of the Chinese Communist Party, categorically decided to force the army to brutally suppress these students who participated in the political procession.

In fact, the CCP has been the creator of this invisible wall for decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall. When China accessed the Internet, the China Great Wall of Fire Prevention was established in a few years. Until now, the China Network Fire Great Wall has been continuously rising. Controlling ideas, prohibiting political marches, and reviewing the Internet and books have always been the only thing the CCP has done in these decades. To a certain extent, the ruling stability of the Chinese Communist Party has also benefited from such cultural imprisonment.

The geopolitical mutual game is still playing in today’s world. When the Chinese Communist Party tries to compete for the right to speak in the global governance system, such means become more and more difficult to control. In a speech at the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, US Secretary of State Pampeo pointed out that the United States is not confronting China but against the Chinese Communist Party. In his previous speech, he also said that the Chinese people do not represent China. Communist Party.

Pompeo said, “The Chinese Communist Party is forming a new authoritarian vision, an authoritarian power that the world has not seen for a long time. The CCP uses various means and methods to oppress its own people. These methods are terrible similar to the suppression of the former East Germany. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army erodes the sovereignty of China’s neighbors. The CCP deprives critics who condemn China’s dark human rights record of travel rights, even some German parliamentarians. The CCP also harasses Xinjiang Muslim families who only want to seek refuge abroad. We, we are There is a responsibility to sit on all people. We must admit that the free country is competing with a value in a country that is not free.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry criticized Pompeo’s earlier speech on the CCP. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yan Shuang said: “Ponpeo attacked the Chinese political system, rendering the so-called Chinese threat, full of ideological prejudice and the zero-sum game thinking of the Cold War. The Chinese side expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition.”
Obviously, such a statement has completely angered the CCP’s political bottom line.
The vast majority of Chinese people are politically silent because political life has been replaced by the CCP. Since the Mao Zedong era, the CCP has been entangled in the political interests of the Chinese people and incited nationalism to disguise the difference between democracy and autocracy. Chinese-style democracy is a model of one-party dictatorship. When dealing with geopolitical relations with other countries, the authorities often use the interests of the people as victims of love. This is like the story of Snow White written by Danish writer Andersen. An old woman gave a poisonous apple to Snow White, but she believed that this old woman was a good person. The Belt and Road and Confucius Institutes are used as a political output package to use indirect political interest transactions to indirectly control and manipulate the country’s political elections and cultural development. This is a new type of Cold War mentality.

While the United States promotes the concept of democracy and freedom in the world, the Chinese Communist Party has used the extremely hidden form of united front to export Chinese thinking to the world. A source who did not want to disclose said that the united front unit of the Chinese Communist Party has established hundreds of thousands of united front agencies overseas for decades, with the goal of targeting the United States. Bai Bangrui, director of the US National Security Policy Committee, warned earlier that the CCP’s growing political input will affect the countries of the world, including the United States itself. The issue of the peninsula has been anxious diplomatic issues between China and the United States. The DPRK is known for its solid authoritarian regime and the CCP is cooperating with it. This is the most remarkable battle for unity in today’s third world countries.

The Chinese media’s rare low-key handling of such historical events in this day’s public opinion spreads in Chinese public opinion. It seems that the authorities have not stopped such content from spreading on the Internet. The Chinese party media observation network reprinted an article criticizing the US Cold War mentality in the new century, and also indirectly praised China’s political system. Few people are able to link the Berlin Wall to the current deteriorating situation in Hong Kong. The authorities have recently stepped up public opinion on the situation in Hong Kong and reversing black and white rhetoric.

Some Western scholars believe that the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 30 years and the high-profile follow-up of China’s firewalls have examined why democratic institutions failed to defeat Lenin-style capitalism and pointed out that the pursuit of freedom will eventually push down the prospects of China’s firewalls.

The new Cold War mentality has always been filled with the current geopolitical game. The fall of the Berlin Wall brought about a mutual game of democracy and autocracy.

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