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Qu Long, former partner of and sent to jail by Wengui Guo speaks out:Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Sept 24, 2017: My first twitter and feelings of freedom

Hi, buddy, Wengui! How are you recently? I ate Chaoshan hot pot yesterday. It was really lip-smacking! China has seen many changes during the 6 years when I was in jail. Can you believe it? Today, in street, everybody obey the traffic rules. They wait for traffic lights. The fruit trees on the road sides are never picked by passerby. The roads are clean and the men behave in civilized way. Believe me, all things are developing towards the best direction in our country. According to what I saw, our homecountry is really developing faster than the West. You have already been abroad for years. Be back, buddy! Don’t slander our country on the website. Think about it. Besides, I want to visit your aged parents recently. You cannot do it right now. Let me do these things for you. Although there are some personal misunderstanding between you and me, I still have the obligation to take care of them who have ever taken care of me before.
Recently, I always thought about it when I was eating. Do you remember? You were used to ask, ” Qu long, anything delicious to eat? What kinds of specials do you know?” Then, let me take the chief to study, because you are afraid to go out to eat. You said “I am a celebrity, too many people can recognize me.” You’re always scared and worried about something, of course, so it is today. But since it has already happened, face it, deal it and tell the truth. Everything will be the past. Be brave, man!
Whatever you call it, transmigration or good and evil retribution, everything will be the past. As long as you are in a calm mood and prepare to sincerely face the reality, I believe that everyone can forgive you. Don’t lie to yourself and cheat others again, please! Just think it over, I can forgive you and the others will do it, too. Your relatives, friends are all there. No matter where you go, China is your home, while other countries are not. I’m pretty sure you will go back to your homecountry someday. Even you are not alive, your soul are still missing our hometown. Do you?

I’m looking forward to seeing you at home. Of course, if you have some difficulties, you can also tell me. Oh, well. I have talked to you so many times, but you have never replied. I don’t know what you are thinking about. That’s all for today, we’ll talk later.

September 25, 2017 Review on Guo Wengui’s press conference. Require him to tell the truth and to tell the right from the wrong

Hi, buddy, Wengui! I watched your lipo video yesterday. You know… actually… Maybe you should do more aerobic exercise, such as running rather than do anaerobic exercise. After all, doing too much anaerobic exercise couldn’t make you lost weight.
And I heard other interesting things that you said calories in America on the catty sell. In addition, I also saw you in a press conference of thousand people until midnight. However, from beginning to the end, I didn’t see any reporter but you. That really puzzled me. And I think you are as a bit out of form as I remembered. So what happened to you?
Besides that, I want to correct your mistakes. Our case belongs to designated jurisdiction which the ministry of public security, the supreme people’s procuratorate, the Supreme Court’s approved, not as you said. That’s really different. I found you twice wrong. So to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, try to be right.
What’s more, you put a lot of photos about the leaders. Come on! We were in real estate. These photos are all from the internet. Professional person could know all the things.
And you said that China’s judicial authority killed and arrested people on demand. How funny it is! In my case, you sought 7 public security organs including the Chengde. The first six handle matters impartially and observe relevant regulate. If Ma jian, Chang yue and Gong nongbin, those three fucking bad guys didn’t set the trap to me, I wouldn’t be in prison for 6 years.
But in my six years, I did experience the changes and the progress of the judicial supervision mechanism by myself. I sincerely hope you get better, my elder bro! Don’t say what against your own heart! Aren’t you tired? I’ve been watching you for two hours. You look so exhausted. Don’t torture yourself any more. I really miss those moments when we struggled in the past.
God is watching everything you do. No matter how smart you are, it must be lifting the stone to drop it on your own feet someday. Your press conference had a lot of problems, let alone other videos in the Internet. The truth will prevail in the end. Stop deceiving yourself and others. Don’t be the cat’s paw, OK? Be honest!
Though you have been abroad, it is still necessary pay your duty and respect to your parents. They are concerned about you. I believe that you lit three incenses and chanted Sanskrit mantras every day. But the Buddha is telling us inner peace, none-ego and coexistence with nature, not satisfied with your own selfishness. All in all, be honest in life, sincerely working. You will be forgiven. As a man, you must have a sense of responsibility. Just like me. I change nothing but a little for those six years. Let nature take its course, all along with reason. Never pursuit too much for something. Lipo or do something else, I think only you yourself understand how tired you are. I saw your mouth foaming in video, it must be more pressure than me in the prison. At that time, our country and relatives are around you, but look at you now? In a word, care yourself, my elder bro!

September 27th, 2017 To Miles:

The home is the last place to go: A thought from Interpol Conference held in Beijing.
Miles buddy, I have a thing to talk with you that the first evening news of yesterday’s broadcast is that more than 150 countries came to China to attend the Interpol conference. President Xi personally delivered a greeting speech, who attaches great importance to this matter. It seems that the head of more than one hundred countries including the United States minister presented at the meeting. I think this against you, and you should think it over. You spoke in the video that “Interpol is an illegal organization”. You claimed to send Interpol Red Notice while denying the original Interpol send you the Red Notice.
I don’t think you should say these words any more. It might be bad for you in the future, and you should weigh it. For me, I woke up this morning to search general secretary’s speech online yesterday. I picked a few to read for you: “China is ready to work with governments and its law enforcement agencies and Interpol to build a senior system of cooperation and legal system of creativity. China aims to strengthen the cooperation between the police affairs and security field and co-build the security of common human fate.” Another said by him is that “Chinese society is stable and orderly and people live and work in peace and contentment at present, more and more people consider that China is one of the safest countries in the world. This is China’s contribution to the world security and stability.”
“China praises highly for Interpol’s efforts to safeguard world security and stability and will continue to support Interpol’s greater role in global security governance.” I think you can find full text of Xi’s speech on the Internet and I think you should study hard to learn again and again. You said “Guo Seven”in the video and one is to support the general secretary Xi and never against him. But now I think what you said have a little problem. Since the general secretary has made this speech ,you should reflect on it and search for his full text which may be helpful to you.
Another is that the combination of the conference you held two days ago which has been spoken incoherently. You have mixed up a lot of false things to the Internet which is very bad for you. Especially you said that Interpol is an illegal organization and you send out an order for arresting the Interpol. I don’t think your talk do help to solve the problem in the future. From my personal point of view, I often go to the street after my coming back China for several days. China changes a lot indeed including the human environment and natural environment. Just as the general secretary Xi said that Chinese society is peaceful and stable, including people shops in self-service markets instead tangible markets. They choose things then pay off. The degree of integrity and civilization has been world-shaking which touches me a lot.

When we were together before, now the state of Beijing and the country was completely different. I think you should take a good look and listen to relatives and friends talking about domestic situation. And this is the general trend that the head of the police from more than a hundred countries here, it is impossible for you to manage yourself alone.And some time before, we have sent a hundred people Red Notice and now perhaps 50 people were back of which coming back from the United States. You should think it over and I don’t want to advise you that you may learn from them to come back voluntarily. Otherwise, according to the mutual extradition rules, you will be caught back. It is good for you to come back consciously instead of being caught badly and shamefully.

I think you are in the state of obsessed and get into a blind alley. Don’t be extreme. Now you are going on the extreme. Whether it is right or wrong, whether it is good or bad, don’t go to extremes. Why don’t you find a peaceful solution to solve the problem such as using a tolerant way. I believe that our country and our nation, including our parents lived here. Our country is equivalent to our parents. When children do something wrong, parents can forgive them. But children do the wrong thing at others’ home, it’s difficult to say whether parents forgive them or not. Ok, it’s all for today, I regard you as my brother to tell you so much and I will pay more attention to your performance in the future. I will tell you more after I gain more information. Take care of yourself.
September 28, 2017 Wen Gui: home is the end, your indoor sunglasses fitness and the Interpol Assembly

Brother Wen Gui, this morning I watched your video online. It is very funny of you to run around in the house wearing sunglasses. And I do not know what sports it is. The air in the US is so fresh, and there are big parks outside. It is nothing to run outside and do something aerobic. The US is the safest country, and it has a high degree of legal system. There is no bodyguards and guards seeing you, and there are so many rich people, so there is no need for you to do this again, and there is nothing to worry about. You see that I don’t fear at all. Although your so-called two brothers still have some brothers in office. I still go wherever I want to go, and I am happy and worry nothing. And I’d like to remind you that you should go to do your own business, don’t be nonsense all day.

Yesterday I told you the news that Interpol are having a meeting in China. I don’t know if you saw it or not. I am very concerned about you. Today, I find something more and let me read for you so that you can have a good measure of your things. There is a speech of one official, who is also the leader of Interpol: “I Suggest that countries to carry out pursuing in-depth pursuit of stolen goods, in the search for whereabouts, investigation and evidence collection, evidence exchange, arrest and repatriation to show more flexible Pragmatic attitude, come up with specific measures, and to prevent the pursuit of the problem was politicized, refugee, don’t let any country to become a paradise, don’t let any one of the fugitive suspects impunity. ” In fact, this is already a signal, and you should have sense in your mind. Read this kind of news more and sort out your thoughts. You should be clear what to do next, that is crime in China is the same with that in the US and other countries and criminals are not allowed to be free. I stayed in prison in China for six years, you see my state may not be much worse than in the US, and our country is better.
And one more, I feel your state now is very poor. When you exercise in the house, you wear sunglasses, post a paper in the front of you, it is the text of what, you self cannot speak clearly? Net users will comment on you and say you, you should watch your own image and do not put your image, the original tall image in my heart down. I do not tell you more, and you do should something serious, do not show this and that all day. You can burn incense, worship Buddha, play sit every day. These are also a kind of self-cultivation to make you return to the source and find the best of yourself. Think more and it is bad for you if you do this again. I just want to tell you these things and I will communicate with you if I see some more news on it. Tomorrow may have some other news and I try to pick something to talk with you. Goodbye.

September 29, 2017, Wen Gui: There is no good result of avoidance, the step down of Ma Jian and Zhang Yue is the end of your times.

I watched your video just now, and it is always the same as before. This time you went from the house to the balcony. Please do something serious and don’t do it anymore. You should read more about the content and comments of the press release of the International Criminal Police meeting in Beijing. Today the International Criminal Police Conference concluded that the fight against crime is still the first, wherever the criminal goes, the police will catch him back. Actually, it is just the police catch criminals, and you should not be so naive to use this thing to impact another thing. You can not affect the police and the judicial system. What you should do is to think about your own things.

And another thing is that I watched a news that is bad to you. Ma Rui sued you for your behavior and the summons have been already sent. You should think more about this and if this matter is established, you are felony and you should stay in the US for a all your life. You should think more about your own behavior is true or false, right or wrong. If there is this thing, you should recognize and commit early. This is nothing serious, you see that I was in prison for six years, but I am stronger than you now. I can go wherever I want to go, while you can only turn in the house. There is no sense for having so much money. And there is one more thing that you said my things and Ma Jian Zhang Yue was arrested. I am happy but you will not be happy. Our country has big changes after 18th CPC National Congress. Managing state affairs in accordance with the law and anti-corruption are in their way. And I am a living example, Ma Jian and Zhang Yue are arrested because they did bad things. If they two are not arrested, I may not be released. And our country will also control my own thing, and guys do bad things with you will be punished sooner or later.
You will be punished by the Chinese government.Be patient and wait for the result. You should think more about yourself rather than worry about me. You should consider which road you want to walk. In addition, you were a servant serve Ma Jian and Zhang Yue, looked like a dog. You gave bribes to them to obtain trust, thus catching them tripping. They can only use the power to help you and form mutual benefit because you have something on them. You always tell a pack of lies, some days ago, you report a Chinese government official have huge deposit, but numerous netizen spot the lie, and the landlord prove the official was innocent. I really don’t want to call you brother, because things you do were ashamed. I feel blushing and I want to persuade you to do something matching your words. If you always tell lies, you will have nervous breakdown.
A light heart lives long. You should not jump here and there in your balcony which looks like a zombie and clown. You must think more about your life, how you facing other people, what should you do in the future, because you have hurt a large number of people. You should adjust yourself, and when you’re good to others, you are best to yourself. That’s enough, we are going to meet soon!

September 30th,2017 Guo Wengui:You have no place to hide all over the world and you are coming home soon.
Mr Guo, I have to say I have been really caring about your latest news recently, but I find out that most of them are bad news for you. I don’t know if you have ever noticed. In order to keep you informed, I help list them for you and you don’t need to thank me.
The first news is that the immigration office of the US has arrested more than 500 illegal immigrants in a recent raid in several cities said to be an asylum for them all around America. Another related report is that the federal immigration law enforcement agency has arrested 498 illegal immigrants for 4 consecutive days from Monday this week in relevant cities and the priority target of this law enforcement work are those foreigners who have been been convicted outside the US. I guess this can’t be good for you.

The second thing you need to know is that the recent action ensuring the security in the city aims at individuals who have violated the immigration law of the US, especially those convicted criminals, gang member fugitives and anyone who comes back to the US after being repatriated. This a very clear signal sent by the immigration office of the US.

Besides that, the first round of law enforcement network security dialogue between China and the US is gonna be held in Washington next month. The State Department Spokesman mentioned that the minister of public security of China would attend the meeting.
This meeting will mainly discuss issues about repatriating fugitives and strengthening cooperation in drug control and fighting cyber-crimes. And the most important one of the issues is repatriating fugitives. I thought this must have something to do with you. I bet it is very likely that both senior officials of China and the US will talk about you. I suggest you put some thought into it.
Another thing you might be interested in is about the Interpol. The eighty-sixth general meeting of the Interpol came to a close in Beijing several days ago. The consensus of this meeting is of cause about combating crimes. And you can see that the fight against illegal immigrants in the US followed rather closely. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so.
The last thing you can’t ignore is the rape case of Ma Rui, which is also not good for you. I heard you say that Ma Rui had formally charged you with rape in the US and you had received the summon. No matter in which way the summon is served, the fact is that you are gonna have to be tried in the court of law in the US and you need to prepare for it. If you are finally convicted, assuming that you successfully escape the repatriation, you still commit a felony in the US and you will probably face life in prison, more or less.

You’d better think carefully whether there exist connections among these things.I figure it won’t be long before you come back to China.Whether you are repatriated or not, you would probably be sentenced to imprisonment.It might be good for you.I had spent six years in prison and I read a lot of Buddhist Scriptures. That is the reason why I can be peaceful now and forgive you. It comes from the power of Buddha Dharma.If you really come back someday, which means you are gonna have to be in jail, I will give you some Buddhist Scriptures to read. These scriptures can help you find your way to practice.And just like you said that it’s just beginning, I honestly believe your own path is about to begin.Right now my feelings are complex. I am looking forward to seeing you on the one hand ,but on the other hand I am also very concerned about your future. It is actually a dilemma for you to decide your next move. I’m having mixed feelings now. I can’t tell it clearly.However, the connections among those things mentioned above are certain and the future you are going to face is certain too. You should really think it through, stop talking without thinking and carefully decide your next move.What would you do after returning to China?How would you face the judicial adjudication in the US? What would you do when you are in jail? What about the rest of your life?How could you face your family, your children and your friends? How can you confront those lies told by you?But finally everything will pass and it sure will as long as you can honestly face these people and show your repentance. This is all I wanna say to you today. You should think about it seriously. I honestly believe you are closely related all those things I talked about above.
Guo Wengui: Deal seriously with the problem about your falsefication.when liars are exposed, you must bear the consequences of humiliation and immorality

Two days ago ,you claimed many state-level leaders own real estates in Australia, today I see many netizens reveal these sources, and also unmask the founder of the falsifying group surrounding you. I feel shamed on you in these.Later I also scanned that you have stored up a few materials respective on the Internet. Unfortunately materials about the passport numbers, the names and dates of birth who you intend to assault on are utterly incorrect.Most ridiculously you mistaken the genders above. Obviously quality of your group is low.So if you recruit staff in near future, you should seek some more excellent and responsible personnel .
Do we have no money or something else now?Your group is becoming even worse, a lot more irresponsible.In addition, you also talked about some affairs of mine. all frauds made about me is actually an example.This is a consistent trickery belonging to you.Two days ago,you incited me to indict the high-level court, Hebei, Hebei people’s procuratorate, and Hebei provincial Public Security Department after I was released.Because you had intimate relationship with Zhang Yue and Ma Jian.Secondly, according to your scheme, lawyers intended to convict me. What is your overall arrangement ?The fact was that you had designed a jurisdictional problem, because both of us and our company dwelled in Beijing, Hebei or Chengde have no jurisdiction, neither has Zheng Quan . What did you achieve?Its intention was to acquire written instructions from related leaders, which said that Zheng Quan had huge benefits in Hebei Province , two tiny companies had indirect beneficiaries with Zheng Quan, as registered in Chengde with registered capital of hundreds of or thousands of RMB. Then in this form,you asked so-called brothers Ma Jian and Zhang Yue for written Instructions to Hebei political-legal organs.Thus this case was under their jurisdiction , but eventually things went athwart. Meanwhile,guns and something else got involved in it.
At first, you took these to deceive the public security for confidence, to swindle judicial organs,including your bribery towards Guo Dongbin who received your money or your staff arranging instructions about these,of course still more. As a result,the ultimate aim is to frame me up. Recently I also encountered many of our corporation ,I know how you forged, how to hurt me, who plotted the scheme, how to fabricate these documents.Nowadays the case is open wide.So from my point of view, you should also alert on what you did before.Meanwhile,I also see a lot of criminal judgments regarding you, including loans defrauding ,foreign exchanges defrauding , fake seals engraving and so on. This is your continual behavioral way .Such are the facts with enormous proofs, based on some testimony of our staff, as well as some documentary evidences.But it seems that you are still talking nonsense abroad.What I wanna say is that I can forgive you,for years-long friendship between us before.Also I have been in jail for six years, after all.
If you keep spreading slanders to others, attempting destroying others’ reputation; such behavior is definitely a new problem , even a crime. What goes around comes around. How can you face the people you have slandered when you go back home? Think about Ma Rui, think about these cases which bring you trouble. On the other hand, raping is a kind of ignominious crime. People will go find you even you back to jail and you will get in new trouble. So you had better think about it now. Be honest to us from now on! Never ever think about keeping lying and spreading slanders. People whose reputation was destroyed by you will go after you and make you pay back. The Chinese law and the power of Chinese don’t allow you to do so anymore. Though you are in the US now, spreading slanders is also considered as a crime according to the U.S. law. You will be prosecuted sooner or later if you don’t stop doing such crime. Be wise and be careful.

What’more, you are now in a state of deformity. Talking nonsense everyday, you will speak contrary to your thought and turn to be a psycho sooner or later. That’s all, I don’t want to repeat any more. You’d better think over the things by yourself. I suddenly recall something between you and me. I need to tell you that the Huatai case was only about you, Zhao Yuanan and me, which has nothing to do with Zhengquan Company. You forged the files holding of Zhengquan shares. Let’s make it clear now. Who told you to do these things and who come up with these ideas, are quite known to all now. You should introspect on these things. I am an example certainly. Back then, what you did to Chen Zhiyao and Lin Dao, were the same trick,forging files to frame them as well.

You took advantage of the justice department to carry out your scam. Truths can tell, but you still kept showing your fraud and other illicit behaviors. Just stop! Think about your descendants, Guo Qiang and Guo Mei, your elders, your former friends. How could they face your sins? I treated you as my elder brother and friend once, but when you won the trust, achieved complete utilization, you just drain all the interests of these sincere friends! For good, you said goodbye. For bad, you just forge criminal cases to deframe them! We all see through your consistent way to play such tricks. So just stop it. We are now in the ero of information, everything is clear and th public can clearly indentify what is truch or not, such as the houses. the years when you can cheat everyone with inconsistent words and behaviors are gone. Just behave like what you said in the last conference. You are facing your end quickly, and you’d better think about your way carefully. All right, that’s it.

On 1st of October, 2017, to Wengui: The moon at the home village is exceptionally brighter.The day to go back home is coming, are you ready?

Today I saw the video of your morning exercise, you worn a yellow sport shirt and kept jumping, just like making moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival. My feelings are so complicated after seen the things on Internet, I thought you want to stay in the U.S to see moon over there, but the U.S. don’t want to keep you. I felt very good in Beijing these days. I saw the rising flag ceremony yesterday ,which is really grand and solemn. Tiananmen Square were full of people, it feels particularly good. 1st of Oct is a memorable day. People is gathering, the big flower baskets are particularly spectacular and beautiful.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for family reunion, I don’t know what’s your feeling now? I have seen you also invited some people to your luxury yacht to sail to Manhattan. Maybe it was your way to enjoy the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. I do not know what’s your feelings that time? Tell you some bad news. I guess this is your last time to enjoy the moon in Manhattan. Meanwhile, these days we also want to see the moon. we may go to Houhai in Beijing on the 4th of Oct, and I can go to your home to check your parents if you want, and do your filial duty, but I am not sure whether they are here or not. With the combination of these two traditional festivals, Beijing are celebrating, family are reunion, everything is so good, but my mind was complex. I saw your videos in U.S., I saw you kept making troubles, you think you can rely on them, but they don’t want to keep you. However, the motherland welcomes you, your parents are missing you, but you don’t come back. As a former friend, I felt so sorry for you.

Then it’s about the Mid-Autumn Festival. I remembered, that time, you would arrange the staffs of Pangu and Zhenquan to making mooncakes for some important friends. And you would check the lis in person, send them Maotai and abalone pies. But everything changed. In prison, during these period, they will also get some nice food and mooncakes.I know everyone will get two pieces of mooncakes and some fruits in prison, since I have celebrated several Mid-Autumn festivals inside. You would feel these days when the government gave you two pieces of mooncake, and you thought that was very tasty. Time is up. Think it over hard. Once figure it out, come back soon. I will wait for you here. One day we will communicate and be togther. Wish you a happy holiday and may the elerly be in good health. Enjoy your last the journey in Manhattan.

Oct. 3rd, 2017. To Wen Gui: Those who often cheat end up being cheated, finally caught in their own trap.

I have watched your video again today, finding it impossible for you to stop talking nonsense. You showed no reverence for the dead and the injured in that terrible Las Vegas Mass Shooting that took place yesterday. What’s worse, you even commented on it with your drunken red face. We have no idea what you were thinking about at that time, as it is completely contrary to the religious belief that you have been spreading. Please stop deceiving yourself. You have just used the information asymmetry to make money. Of course, you can do your business with your mystical nonsense, but you should show a little bit respect for the dead.

Think about yourself! Now the high official of American are coming out, the judicial authority of American and the other department are paying attention to you. And you know what you have done is not exactly what you said. Next, your visa is expiring on 9th, not long. So think over these matters! America won’t protect you any more. Some of your so-called crime facts, and your nonsense spread in the U.S., have make impact to the U.S. social order. The U.S. governmnet is cleared and have made some statements, also. And yesterday, the Minister of MPS of China went to the U.S. to attend the network security dialogue, enhancing the law enforcement cooperation between the two countries, mainly for the repatriation of criminals. I believe you’re the one on negotiation,so think about yourself carefully.

One more thing, you talk about the real estate of some leader. I saw a video, the real owner came out to clarify the signature on the contract. Mind your own business! Your associates were so stupid to forge! You were deceived like a fool! More and more liars started to fool you, that is karma! The real owner clear the truth, one was living and the other one was selled. You behavior of forge the signature to another document is so low and humble . Your technique is pool too!

Now everyone can see you are at end, your team is losing good guy, the remained hooligans are cheating your money by turing around you. Wake up and be clear. The visa will expire on October 9th. Now Chinese government officials are looking for this kind of negotiation of judicial cooperation. There is only a few days you can stay in the U.S.. Treasure your stay! Think about your life when returned home in the future. How to face these people, and think about it. Las Vegas happened such an event . As a person who wants to be join the America, you never ever have compassionate for the lost. You don’t have any reverences for the death, but having wine and making nonsense about it. Reflect by yourself.
You’d better try to search for peace of mind. Who on earth is Guo Wengui? Is that you, Guo Wengui? You’re now in the state of being a mental patient. So how would you manage when you come back to China in the future? Under this condition, what would you do to face the people, what would you do to deal with these affairs and what would you do to make arrangements for your family when you return home? What about Guo Qiang and Guo Mei? Are they staying in the United States or going back to China? Don’t you have to arrange all these things? You’d better think about them, instead of showing off in the United States, which is pointless in fact. What you said is untrue. It’s meaningless for you to make untrue statements in this internet era, unlike the information asymmetry era years ago, in which people listened to you and believed what you say. Now with the help of the internet, it’s easy for people to judge whether what you say is true or false. Being unfamiliar with internet, even I can now video chat with you, not to mention others. So you should think about what you will do when you come back to China and what you will do to observe the Mid-autumn Festival next year? Think about it. Okay, that’s all.
Oct 5th, 2017 Wengui:China and the United States are negotiating some cases including your case most probably,and you’d think about preparing for returning home.

Yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival and I had a happy time with my family for a whole day: drinking with my father at lunch, enjoying the moon by the lake at night. I didn’t pay any attention to you nor care about you till late yesterday, not knowing how well you and your family were. I watched what you call “video” early this morning. You had another live broadcast after the failure of your lecture at the Hudson Institute without any change in your manner. Still with your red face, your loose talk and your ramblings, you are really in a negative state of mind.
And it was funny to watch the video yesterday in which you invited your friends to a cruise. The host was absent and Yanping took everyone to visit the lake. You also interacted with the public through video. For some unknown reasons, whether it is that you dared not to go, or the U.S. government didn’t let you go, your cup fell off and the water spilled everywhere on the cruise when you were chanting slogans, which was really funny. Take a look at these phenomena, which are all spiritually responsive. Just like what you said that Man Behaves, God Is Watching, so you’d better watch out because you displeased the God.
Besides, I showed you the related news this morning, and I suggest you pay attention to it. The first round of Sino-US law enforcement and cyber security dialogue was held in Washington, D.C., which was reported by a lot of medias. The dialogue was jointly presided over by the Minister of Public Security of China, the Minister of Justice of the United states and the Acting Minister of Homeland Security of the United states. Both sides reviewed and summarized the achievements in network security and common law enforcement, and reached consensus between the two countries. The United States is willing to promote the handling of individual cases through dialogue with China and strive to create more achievements of cooperation with China. I suggest you pay attention to this point of the case, which is your proper business.
In addition, Hudson Institute disqualified you from making a public speech. You owe your failure to the involvement of President Xi and Trump in your speech. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Are you so important? You mentioned that as a Chinese developer, you are wanted by police around the world, whereas the American developers can be a president. How can you compare with Trump? Incomparable! You are incomparable with Trump in every aspect. Don’t do it again. It’s not the same thing. And the Hudson Institute itself is the political think tank of the United States with elites gathering here. As the elites of the talent pool all over the world, how can they listen to your lies, how can they allow you to make inappropriate remarks on inappropriate occasions?
Don’t be like this anymore now. There will be no way out if you deceive yourself as well as others, and you will suffer from a severe mental disorder. I watched your video today. And you find excuses for your actions in the video, which embarrassed you. You are deceiving yourself as well as others in doing this. Everybody understands these truths and common sense, and you must stop talking nonsense. One more thing, you said nice words at the beginning, wishing everyone a happy Mid-autumn Festival with the solemnly folded hands. But after that, you start to slander other people and hurt some women with bestial words. Although I’m not very well- educated, I can’t tolerate listening to these disgusting words. I wonder how would you face your family with these disgusting words in the future?
I think you should think about it now. There is no more time for you. How would you face your crime and the penalty you will carry when you return to China? What about the family, what about the family life, what about the old, the young and your wife. You still show off instead of thinking it over. Being in a state not as good as before and speaking incoherently, you look like a madman or a mental patient. Take a look at the people around you, we’ll find they’re not as good as the former team staff. I wonder whether it is because of your insufficiency of finance, or the political environment in the United States, or people’s thorough understanding of you.
So please stop talking now. Stop talking nonsense. It will be no good for you to show off continually. So you should spend the limited time getting ready and thinking about what would you do when you get back. Even if you don’t come back, how do you deal with a variety of prosecutions and cases of crime. In fact this is your proper business. What’s the point of showing you here every day? To get more attention? Some people are taking advantage of you and ripping you off. They will abandon you after they cheat you out of the money. This is the case. You must be aware of it. All right, there is no more talking with you. That’s all!

Oct 6th, 2017 Wengui: Cheating the Chinese and the Americans as well, Telling Indefensible Lies, Shame on you!
I stayed up very late last night to specially watch your press conference for two hours. It was really a blockbuster in which you are in a good condition with western dress and leather shoes. There’s a foreign host and a translator in the press center, which looks quite formal. But after a closer identification, these so-called reporters are in fact your friends and guests on the cruise. It is funny that the press conference turned to be your fan club with only a few people, and there was no any serious question at last.
And you showed the so-called document at the press conference, which made me feel more ashamed. Anyway, you have been a staff member of Ma Jian, the Vice Minister of Security Department and Zhang Yue, Secretary of Political and Law Committee of Hebei Province. Having seen the documents by yourself, you should be a little more serious in forging them. There’s no one around here to help you with these things. You’re not serious in working, thus making so many mistakes in the reference number, the seal, the name and even the content. It was funny to see that the netizens put them online this morning.
One more thing, you said you have never had a case in China,all your money is from legitimate sources and you have never cheated others. Don’t mention it. It’s a shame. When I browsed at the headlines this morning I found out something that I didn’t know before. In 1991, you’ve been sentenced to more than a year for a fraud of more than 700 RMB in 1989. I know this for the first time. If you don’t mention that, I don’t think anybody is going to disclose it.
And then I’ll tell you what I know. How did your Yuda Company come into being? It is with Li Hongdao’s money, Xia Ping’s money and the 1,000,000,000 RMB from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China that you started your company. You fiddled around and finally the building was yours. You sent the two foreign businessman packing, not to mention the money from the bank. In building Beijing Pangu Securities, you cheated Hua Hui out of its money to buy land. You also owed the land-transferring fund to Beijing municipal government, the construction fund to the Construction Group, China Construction First Division Group and China Railway Construction Corp. Besides, you owed some of the audit fees, design fees, and fees for water, electricity, gas and heat that I stood surety for you.

If you have paid all your money, how can I be a victim being held captive. So you don’t talk nonsense anymore. Now since you have cheated many people in China, you can go to the United States with the money. Forget it, you want to emigrate to the United States. You shouldn’t have made false documents overtly, which cheated American people. Do you think Americans are fools, FBI agents are fools? They are the people with super high IQ, and how can you cheat them? By doing this, you are wanted by not only Chinese officials and Chinese police, but also the American police. Aren’t you cheating the public overtly, defrauding the public overtly? Since you want to stay in the United States, you should do it better. Even if you want to create fake documents to cheat the U.S. government, you’d make it a little more like the real one. You played tricks like a monkey show, which offended the Americans. So, you’d better not do these embarrassing things anymore. Those who are around you are a bunch of clowns. Now that you are on your last pins, you will be cheated out of money by others sooner or later.
That is to say, you should cherish what you have, and save some money for your family, for your parents and for yourself. There will be a long way for you to go. What will you do when you return home? All the cases and several lawsuits you are involved in both home and abroad will cost much money. You shouldn’t have been spending money in this way. It will be a good thing to bring us honor. You spent much money organizing such a “Press Conference” with a bunch of clowns. It is you who brings shame on yourself at last. I wonder what you think now. You are in a state of mental disorder, and it is really pointless to do such things, which will get yourself caught in your own trap.
If you didn’t disclose these things, No one knows these things are true or fake, No you put it public and disclose them, People can check these documents on-line, the wrong number, the official signature are wrong, even the name are wrong, and the date of these documents are wrong. Nowadays the documents issued by our national departments, will be published on their website, the serial number are published in which month, although there’re no content, but the serial number is several months earlier or later than the files you showed to everyone, you didn’t forge these documents without any serious work, how you let the public believe you? These things are loopholes appeared one after another. So there is no team around you, the rest of the people beside you are liars, they are all lying to you, fool you, your family your friends persuaded you but you do not listen to, do you really want to get yourself into a deadend path?
I think you should recognize what have you done these years, stop doing things like that. more than 20 years devolopment of China, you stood out and become a crackpot, gained so many wealth. Are you gonna deceive the American people by these means? The United States is a rule of law country, so that’s not possible, because the information is completely symmetrical. The team around you forge things, just for some purpose, maybe your money. Anyway, I don’t know what to say to you, just re-think about it. I was going to tell you that this conference would be a bit of a aniseed, restore your image in my mind, but you let me disappointed again and again. Anyway, I’m telling you to stop messing with these things, time goes by, you should prepare for your future, your family, how to return home, how to deal with your assets, think about it, stop make these embarrassing things. All right, talk later.

7th Oct 2017, To Guo Wengui: Don’t lose all your judgment even if you’re goning into a dead end, keep making low grade mistakes, maybe you couldn’t stay in USA anymore.

Are you out of your mind now? Yesterday I posted a picture of you on my Twitter, and I said a few words to remind you. Yet you are not think of you do not converge instead of put this video out. Don’t you know what happened? All the people in the United States mourn and remember the victims of the Las Vegas shootings, but you are in the stately place at half-mast, high air, cheerful also published a so-called security report video, what do you mean? What is the point?
You make such a low-level mistake now, are you still in the brain, what were you thinking? Is there any financial crisis with you? Otherwise because of you always preach some negative things, there’s no team to cater to you, the people around you help you to do these things may not be good at it. I and you are not very high level of education, junior middle school, but we shouldn’t make this kind of low-level mistakes. In a place that is such solemn solemnity, we must have a heart of awe. And you always saying Buddhist words tell us you’re a Buddhist, you really must have a heart of awe.
I don’t know what your situation is, even if it’s going to be a dead end, we shouldn’t be acting this to the victims, and you’re putting this video on the internet, then I think it’s hopeless that you want to stay in the United States . I think the American people’s heart are full of justice and compassion. Can they trust you? How can you stay in America after this? So you should think about your way home! What about the future of your family? What about GuoQiang, GuoMei, your parents and your employees?
When we worked together, the enterprise also has the time in danger of closing down, also has the distress and the dead end time, but at that time you often showed us how you calm, yesterday in the video you holding the puppy, show us how you calm this time now? Is it necessary that you talk to someone that you’re calm? These things what you’re doing now can’t hide your fears, everyone will see through you, now less doing shows, less talking, maybe helpful to you in the future, even if you can not stay in the United States, after you return to China, you may be you can get less blame for your behavior today, now you are showing this showing that, people are going to look down upon you. You think about the future of you, there is one day left before your visa expires, do not keep doing these things, do something right! All right, that’s all!
9th Oct 2017 to GuoWengui: Your home is here, don’t keep acting like ants on a hot pan
It’s autumn in Beijing, the rain is keep falling down since yesterday, I slept well and wake so late today, now I’m thinking about you, and I’m listening to your favoriate song “Lovesickness Ants”, What kind of mood are you now? Lovesickness ants or ants on a hot pan? Can you sleep well? I didn’t notice this song before, but now I think this song is interesting, you should keep listening to it, maybe your lovesickness ants is time to go home.
I watched your video today, I searched something on internet. How The United Arab Emirates becomes your country? They are hunting you all over the world, they are trying to sue you one day! Wake up! brother. The Chinese Ministry of Public Security has been notifying FBI and checking your company. You took out two pieces of paper A4 false file, also forged a fake central security committee signature, you even writed the name in wrong way, CPC Central Committee need to be added. You make a false unit, fake chapter tried to screw the United States up and cheat FBI, are you out of your mind? You said these files were confirmed by many country, what country? Can you put the confirmation on internet? You got a translation on A4 papers, with some piece of A4 papers to cheat another A4 papers, this A4 papers are true, another A4 papers are false, Do you think the American people and the FBI agents are idiots?
What are the consequences of cheating on the FBI and the government in the United States? You think about that. Don’t use the same way to control your new friends like you control Ma Jian, Zhang Yue, Mr. Meng in China, like recording video, seize their hand, you recording someone’s talking, record the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and so on, This method in the United States is not feasible, This method is not useful to the current and retired officials of the United States, it is useless. Just think about these things. You situation is too bad, I do not know if you can sleep or not, I think you are just like what the song content “a small ant on hot pot”, may be the implication of your future destiny, It’s fate that you like this song.
Now is 3pm-4pm, in United States is early morning, Maybe you can sleep well, a few hours later is work time in USA, your asylum visa can be postponed or not, you’ll know it later, think about these things more. What to do tomorrow, what if it can not get passed, what to do later, come to think of these things. Yet you have the times to disclose this or disclose that, these are all no matter with you. Please take good care of your own things, the future home things. I suggest you to think more, even you could stay in the United States, postponed a while, but eventually you should come back, to face so many cases, How you gonna do with these things. Do not so happy, you are hot pot of small ants,wake up early, come back early, stop nonsense, this is the primary. Weather is so good, I’m going to have a nap.

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