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Qu Long, former partner of and sent to jail by Wengui Guo speaks out:Chapter 1:Blood Brothers Long Qu ARL-RPG greeting to Wengui Guo On September 20, 2017

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Hello everyone, you may not know who I am, I first introduce myself, my name is Long Qu, once the best friend of Wengui Guo, also a company executive Director of Wengui Guo’s partner, then I was put in the prison by him for six and a half years, Ah, now I was acquitted. The first thing I’m going to do is to see my family, and the second thing I want to do is to meet my brother. But he ran to the United States, while I can’t see, there is no way but through this way to communicate with him, Ah, beldest brother, I want to show you one thing today. Even if you don’t want to see it, you have to look at it today.

I’ll show you this thing what you don’t want to see. I’ll pick the main content to you, The original referee found that the trial defendant used job facilities to seize the power of the company’s equity and four sets of real estate was not clear. The procuratorial opinion confirmed the fact that the evidence is not clear. Long Qu and his defenders should adopt the defense opinion , which does not confirm the crime of duty embezzlement. The decision of the Trial Committee of the Court, in accordance with article No. 245 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Supreme People’s Court on the application of Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China article No. 384, the second paragraph of article No. 389, gives the sentence: First, Revoke the NO. 00099 criminal ruling of 2011 by the Intermediate People’s Court of Chengde, Hebei, and the second original trial defendant is innocent with the NO. 24 criminal judging of 2011 judged in People’s Court of Mongolian Autonomous County in Hebei. The verdict is final. You should see clearly whether you like it or not, you have to see it. That’s the truth, so I’m doing what you’re given, although it’s not a sin, but we’ve done some bad things before, and I have to take the responsibility for you. I’m on bail now, and I’m going to take care of the future for you. I’m still waiting for the next trial. it’s you who framed me in jail. I spent days in many detention centers, and every time your man threatened to kill me, But, brother, you know that I am a cat which have nine lives and I will never dead, I want to come back to see you in the future. In 2005, I helped you with borrowing money, but you can’t repy it and let me be caught by the police and you run to the United States. Now you staged this scene,I have to use this way to communicate with you, well, I heard you are still an online celebrity, I have seen some of your videos when I come back, but I think you do not have too much new ideas, just the original content of the old routine. This is nothing but forged materia. This chat makes me think about some things. Back to the old days, the company had not much money, the company’s account was frozon, and then you let me to borrow 10 million yuan from a woman and put the money in your company, and then transferred to our company.

When I went to get the money, the elder sister were really polite which made me quite puzzled, after communication with this elder sister, I knew the reason. You told others that I am a bastard of one of the member of the standing committee and then this woman was agreed to transfer the money to our company finally. I think your routine is too old and vulgar, now you should change a new method. I always rethink myself these years when I was in prison.Our relationship is quite closer than befor, but is it worth to kill your brother by violence for money? When I first went to prison, ah, yes, I am full of hatred, but later through six years of reflection, ah, you are a buddhist once and filial parents, also tell me how to believe Buddha Kowtow, but these six years? I remember the Spring Festival of 2007, You found an eminent monk to calculate our relationship and told me there would be a war between us in three years. So the result of the war is that I was in prison for more than six years. I can’t image all I suffered is caused by you. Luckily, I am free now. So what kind of result you will get in the future? You should think about it.

I have read some Buddhism articlas in the past few years, I feel something, there are gods on our heads, if you do more bad things, you will kill youself. This old saying is very clear .The ancestors also explained these things clearly. Will you have a good ending in the future if you always tell lies? Be sure to think about it and reflect on it carefully. I think your present state is that you used to drink too much , you’re completely different from the impression of subversion. Now I think you are not learning Buddhism, you are crazy. I know you have read a lot of Buddhist scriptures before, but what you have done is walking towards diabolism. I think you are pitiful now and I don’t hate you now, you become more and more pathetic, I do not know what is your ending. I believe you might be scared, but as for a human being, we’d better do good things and tell the truth.

There is such a complaint today, I have to admit I did some bad things before and I suffered the result. I would have a lot of things to deal with when I were set free. My family, my money and my friends are all gone because of you. I also feel my body is not healthy. I become weaker and thinner. Unlike you, you do sports everyday and have a lot of fans. I can’t make clearly about fans and followers. Though I may not accept by the society now, I will keep a good life and spend more time with my family. On the same time, I will communicate with you and I sincerely hope you can stop doing bad things.

Chapter 2: How guo used Ma jian、Zhang yue to frame a crime on speeaks of 20th and 21st , september.

Hi everyone, nice to see you again. I am very happy to see my family and also very care about my brother Wengui Guo. I watched some online video of my brother last night.

What about this? Let me talk to my eldest brother first: Your ability of speech is promoting than before. But in my opinion, you might drink a lot with your red face , and your mental state was really good, but your braodcast never had something new.

There’s no big difference from my memory about you. I also do not know the reason why you put this thing tagged. Do not you know what’s your behavior now. As a Buddhist, You’re committing bad crimes. It’s precepts for you to drink so much alcohol now, so I think you should pay attention to positive things. Since we have been friends for many years, I think your current situation is not good, and there is a sense of fear in your heart.

Yes, you are online celebrity now. There are many bodyguards safeguarding you. You have to stay in home and the company. I can’t imagine even when you go to the toilet you carry some bodyguards. I can understand, but you seem to be too anxious.

But,in this thing, I believe that your fear comes from framing me, including that is, after putting me into jail, you never forgot to arrange people, brother Ma Jian and Zhang Yue notify with that jail, notify that lockup, constantly Want to kill me, framing me.

Do I believe it is necessary? Am I such horrible? We were best friends, although we were not confidants, but you can tell me the truth after you too drunk. Once you hit man, bite man, the first man you think of is me, Gao Xiangyang (transliteration)ah,or whom ah, who went to the hospital to control you, when you waked up, you could say ,brother, it is you. What is our friendship in this area, you have no necessary to fear, you belied that you were framing me; you wanted to grab the company. You can speak honestly then. Another one is that you have already put me into jail, what you are afraid of. I think cleverness may overreach itself. I do not know whether it is your idea, or Ma Jian’s idea.

In fact, you framed me in those years, I can tell you about the story of those years, what do you think. You said When Chaoyang (transliteration) transferred company to your, Huade’s (transliteration) company had some disputes, you were in order not to bear this legal responsibility, you wanted your brothers to pay the piper to instead of you, brother, When I took this matter after that, and to clear up the incident. Then you think that you want to get the big golden horses (transliteration) back. If you want to get it back, you can directly say that, If you directly told me, I, as brother, could give you, you said that again, it is a leader of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Want, under the banner of this, In these discourse, there are much versions, We were divided in the call, I said you could cheat others, but did not cheat yourself, you started attacking me in bad language.

Since from above, there is a conflict point emerged between us, the conflict point doesn’t matter, that is about to talk, Xiao Feng (transliteration) and they found me,they said to give me tens of millions money, several sets of houses, This is we meet and talk,What these goods are, they are not to affect me, these are formerly belong to Zhao Li’an and Zheng Chuanfu’s things. We just, through the two projects of the company, we grew up, it is not the matter that we returned these to them and to you, so in order for you to hold these things, you started to let Ma Tian (transliteration), our Henan Yuda’s security, and you, Henan’s brothers, and then rushed to the company, according to the original plan and routine which is directly to snatch Huatai as the ending, the results is unpredictably official seal of Huatai has got into Beijing service, the grab is unsuccessful, we broke the company.

We have no path to appeal to the higher authorities for help, you really have some influence in Henan province, public security has no dare to control, political and legal committee has no dare to control, there is no choice, I have to move away to elude you, this is not enough, When I hid into Inner Mongolia, I met half away can’t you, it is not enough, you started to write anonymous report letter. By Gao hui, through the security department channel you found the capital airport. I was framed as taking drugs and guns, to dominate the capital airport, except airplane trip, I has never been to the capital airport, I said, you made this letter, it is made too….

We have been so many years, you made false letter, and can you make it reliablely. It is not allowed, you found Cincent’s (transliteration) husband, and then you report me smuggling to the General Administration of Customs and Public Security Bureau. When it does not work, you approved it to the Tianjin Public Security Bureau, and reported me posing as the police, even reported me to grab the Huatai company, threatened Zhao Li’an by evil forces, When this does not work, by Gao hui, your big brother Ma Jian, approved it to the Beijing Public Security Bureau, you reported that I blackmail you about something. Later by Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau and Inner Mongolia Public Security Department, through these channels, a letter, which implied that you want Huatai, was delivered to me, why do not you say, that company is yours, and you never dare to mention this company is yours.

Hebei public security department found Ma Jian and Zhang Yue, and expressed that the grass-roots level of Chengde public security Bureau had been coordinated, but still lacking on jurisdiction, still need the comments by tops, by the minister of public security Bureau, after approved, they started to checked in Chengde, and finally they did not find evidence which can prove the situation you supplied, they gave up as well.

But I was maybe driven crazy by you. You think about it, six public security organs came to find me every day, can my business operate normally, I and my family were threatened everyday, you also found any member of mobdom to my native home, and posted some photos of children in the school now and then, When I have no peace, can’t I report you, my report are kind of beating for you, let you wake up.

Reporting to the Department of Security, so it makes you, Gao Hui and Ma to convergence your behaviors, but unexpectlly this letter was delivered to Ma Jian, your big brother, then you began to threaten journalists, then you are also afraid that the incident will come to light, After you got Mingde Securities (Transliteration) and obtained huge property, and then you let Gao hui with men from the Department of Security to arrest me, your following security also smashed my car in a mess.

And then you passed me to Chengde Public Security Bureau, when the inquiry, they did not ask me about gun, then Chengde City Public Security Bureau arrest me by illegal possession of firearms, then they did not ask any question about the gun, I went to the detention, whatever you arrange the police officer or the prisoners of detention.

I told you stories about the prison at that time, what am I going to do, there is a special public prison room, which has a prisoners specially to be steward duty, these prisoners have some corporal punishment to me, so that some of these prisoners have been be sentenced to death, They want to get some news of the newcomer, they hope to get meritorious service, hope to get commutation.

After I arrest into the jail, your those brothers, including the little Guo Dongbin (transliteration) arranged men, which are so-called the gang boss, the castellan, and boss. To arrange men that began to pack me, that time I make wreath, there are staplers, staples in the works, and they ask me whether I have guns. These children just want meritorious service; but they do not know the origin at back. After two days Guo Dongbin, Chengde Public Security Bureau brought me out to trial, and tied to the chair to torture me. There are two things in particular well arrangement: First, Chengde young police officer, Guo Dongbin said you are going to dead, you blame our boss, and our boss is Guo Wengui. Also blame our system boss, Zhang Yue. You also blame the big brother this country, Ma Jian. after told me 1,2,3 clearly, I told you three things: 1, the things of national securities, it is relevant to the great interests of Hebei province, the major interests of our leader, you should shut up, if you do not shut up make things worse, I’ll kill you. 2, the things of Huatai, we know that,as well, You are wronged, you write transcripts to find your own way, transferred to Guo Wengui, this thing you may have a way out, not so you may be flesh suffering. 3, your four suits of houses are misappropriated under your power, when you hold the executive director position in the securities, you should make it clear, If you don’t, we will get on you. The basic of it is such a routine, iron chair, tiger stool, you may also do that too that year, a whole procession of ride is 7 days and 7 nights, up to make you with hallucinatory, this is the first time. The second time, it is the same scene when brings out to trial, this scene start from our brother Guo Dongbin.

At first I was talking honestly, to amend anything they are unsatisfied as their request, if I do not amend the words,they use a large plastic bag and put it on my head, before suffocating, pick a hole near the mouth, let you breathe. So do it over and over again for three days and a half. I finally give up, in that case, they still worried that (because) the family save money in the detention, to buy the supplies, lawyers also can ask to meet, this time, they worry that I will tell these circumstances to the media and the community to appeal for these things outside, and they transferred me to the Chengde County detention. In Chengde County Detention, each of dozen days, or twenty days, they transferred me to the different prison room, closed my contact with the outside.

These are, of course, Gao hui and Guo Dongbin, who personally staring at me, do not allow the prisoners talking to me, let me stay with manslayers, with handcuffs, shackles. Along the way, still be fine, in Chengde Public Security Bureau, they arrange the project leader Wang Youjie (transliteration) to ask the detention to tortured me, but after all, the grassroot of the detention is still good, the state is still ruled by law, That is the thing they do not realize. Although under the most stringent supervision, there is the place which can protect the safety of my life.

Another one is, in the Chengde County, your brother four force me to accept the count of misappropriation in order to win the four suites of House, I have always said that this is the situation and the process which Guo Wengui sign and so on. Why give the four suites to me, I do not have this authority directly, you (Guo Wengui), of course, clearly know how you gave them to me, to win this matter, which is equivalently belong to Guo Dongbin and Tang Chi-ling (transliteration). The detention in front, Interpol team at back, bring me out with no CCTV, they hit me for a few hours by rotten wood, dragged me back, the detention doctor refuse to charge me, after coordinate with their leader, I am received.

In the prison room, there are more than 30 people to sign, to put their fingerprints, the child who hit me, the evidence can prove how the child hit me, I owned them in my hands, the prison guards have signed things in that time. You can rest assured, your destiny will not be great. I want to say is that these people are faithful to you, when you come back later, do not forget these brothers.

After the incident, the Chengde police believe it is not enough, they transferred me to the Weichang detention in accordance with Misappropriation, and this time they began to review, prosecution, step by step. In the Weichang County, there all are arranged, solitary confinement and so on.

Until the end of the first and second instance in 2012, In the period of sentencing the criminal, there is a trial judge, called me to the room, and said, Qu Long you are very wronged in this case, I told the relevant judge, and I think you’ll be fine, but I think this case is determined by the leadership, looking at media circus today, I can not see the front of you, you should have a preparation, don’t give me any hassle.

So, these two of your big brother are really powerful, you arrange the public security law in place pretty well, indeed, has been overwhelming grassroots courts, handling units, inspection organs, they arrest you without the right of handling cases. There is no jurisdiction to they you’re your sentences without jurisdiction. This procedure can also be done illegally. Your brother’s strength and wrist are really in place.

When starting confiscating my personal wealth after sentence, Director Wang of courthouse came to talk to me as following, confiscation belongings started since then, there was several autos in the account of your Zhongying company, such as BMW760,X5 and Jeeps.He told me that he understand there were part of your own property. So he suggested that I should strip out these autos valued RMB 30 million. Once being confiscated, nothing I can take. In my point of view, if I did so I threatened the benefits of other shareholders. He then made an exchange with me if I freely transferred autos to Guo Wengui in the written record and he promised to leave one set of apartment to my family.

I accepted his suggestion. I didn’t make any preparation on this case to be confiscated all criminal property. If I can try to leave an apartment to my family, it was as my gratitude. At that time I was in deep despair I followed his idea. But after this I wasn’t put into prison for unfinished confiscation on my properties, which can commonly be finished in half a month. Because of the unfinished execution and remaining crime and case, I was tortured in the detention house. Later my family members tried to visit me by appeal and petition. I really knew how powerful your Big Brother was. It is impossible for me to go to prison without his permission.

Sentence was sent in May and I went to the prison on 1st, Sep. First I went to Shangcheng Prison for 15 years of imprisonment. But I just stayed there for only one day and was sent to 5th Chengde Prison according to the demand of Big Brother, which is a strict supervision prison of Ministry of Justice. I was even put into the serious supervision area mixing with gangland-related, violent and drug trafficking dangerous criminals being sentenced to death and death sentence with reprieve. I had been staying there and working, continuously working and being tortured.

It was unexpected that I got good out of misfortune. If I had been put into Chengde Prison, I should haven’t been alive after 2 years under the potential of those policemen and Guo Dongbin.
When Xie Jiansheng Case was shown in Jiaozuo, some information was known. You worried about his reversing the verdict. When you dealt with the case you made lots of false condition. Then you transferred us with the help of Big Brother Zhangyue and Majian. We were put into Baoding Prison, which keeps the closest watch on murders, prisoners with death sentence and over 15 years term of imprisonment. When I got there finally I was clear that information was sealing here and I had no chance to be commuted my sentence. When I reached one new prison, I can’t make phone call with family and can’t get marks for commutation within the first 3 months. Like such situation if you were always transfer from here to there, you were able to get commutation and must serve the full sentence. What’s more, you were under the huge mental stresses. That is specially designed for you by the experienced persons working in the system.

My living condition in Baoding Prison was fair though you would like to negotiate with your Big Brother to give me the hardest supervision to renovate me. In this prison there are Prison Law and the corresponding regulations. So I took part in labor and common production as other criminals. But it was difficult to make contact with family and the letters were in the monitoring. But it doesn’t matter.

Till Aug,2008 or so, Xie Jiansheng case can be rechecked again. Ministry of Justice assigned Jiaozuo as Jurisdiction station. Then I was taken to Jiaozuo Public Security Bureau. After being borrowed to Jiaozuo, police officer told me that it was not easy for you to go out from the prison because of not knowing by Hebei. Later after the second day and the third day, the secretary of political and law committee became angry with it. Hebei Prison system asked for taking me back for several times. But Jiaozuo police system couldn’t send me back because there was not enough information on the unfinished case. And they promised that they would keep my safety during they worked on the case. It was nearly 20 days that I made coordination with them.

More than 20 days later on one night, the door to my prison cell was open. Suddenly one tall man entered, who was good-looking and taller then I, maybe 1.9 or 1.85 meters tall. An elder man followed him. He asked me whether you were Qulong. After telling him I was, I was asked to go out of here. Because I had seen the photos of leaders on the wall I knew he was the director of Hebei Prison Administrative Bureau, whose name I knew but I didn’t want to mention it. After walking out I was taken onto an auto and was locked by handcuffs. He then said that General Gao, we took the man to Hebei today in proper place. It was said that your brother Gaohui was a capable person who can command leaders of local Hebei Prison Administrative Bureau, which is definitely supported by your Big Brother. So the group of Big Brother tried their best to help your business or we should say their business.

When they sent me back to Hebei, they worried about my reappeal my case. Then I was put into a small prison cell in Handan Prison, which was such a 2 or 3 square meters place with a normal single bed without more room to walk except 20-30 centimeters. There was a 2 meters length bed, a security door with a small window at the bottom of it. The small window was quite low to the ground 30 centimeters, which was used to offer food and drink for you. Everyday I got one corn-bread and small portion of porridge. Only yourself was inside the small place to eat, drink, pissing and shitting. You also can talk to Laogong (from pronounciation) about the materials of doors. Here you can find door material— large iron board. Like this I was locked by handcuffs and shackles here for about 20 days. The clothes and quilts were so hard that they can stand. Such situation was for strictly controlled the criminals who were escaping from prison, disobeying regulations and fighting etc.

After more than 20 days imprisonment, my health was so bad that I can’t eat or drink anything. Fortunately the warden was integrity. He thought over my weakness and asked for permission from the Prison Administrative Bureau to put me into one group but supervise alone, which meant not to let me out of the prison cell under the monitor of 4 prisoners following me anywhere. There were 6 beds and a small passage in the middle of the room. I thought it was the same situation as you. Four body guards followed you from your home to company, even to toilet. What was the different is that you dressed western suit but I dressed the prison uniform.

The reason I talked to you such situation is that you would come back sooner or later to experience it, so now you can feel it earlier without strange and horror on it. I stayed at Handan Prison for 40 days and became better being able to have some liquid diet. Then I was transferred to Zhangjiakou Prison. At the news I was so thrilled about that. Because I knew Wang Youjie was director of Chengde Public Security Bureau, who was also the head of special group of a case. He was already promoted by dealing with my case to be political commissar in one troop. At last he moved to be director of Zhangjiakou Public Security Bureau. I thought I was back your Big Brother’s control. I worried being harmed to be death. Then when I got to Zhangjiakou Prison, though I was under the highest level supervision because I was in bad health condition I was put into a group in case I was dead in alone prison cell for the terrible result of physical examination. I was still in the similar situation, formerly there were 4-5 prisoners and now there were 6-7 prisoners to monitor me. More than half a year, I was not allowed to write letters to family and to make any contact. That meant that I was involved in the national security. All prisoners can’t contact with me, including police officers. In the whole prison only few people can contact me, who were warden, a leader of the prison, vice director of public security bureau in charge of the task, section chief of prison administration. Such people nearly can’t be met even any requests on life were neglected.

I lived such life for a period. Afterwards maybe I was familiar with prisoners and police officers I started to get marks. For half a year it should be given marks. Then according to your demand I was transferred to prison’s hospital, which was a smaller prison cell in the prison as ward. This time I was alone in the room day and night. When I went back to my original room, there were 6 persons. I felt ease to live like this without being moved to other place and without being tortured by Wang Youjie. I was told later that it was because Big Brother Majian was in trouble(it was known later). We were not so clear about the political environment at that time and about condition of Majian. I just felt I had an easier situation similar as before. Recently they kept you staying in one room for 24 hours lighting on you. My eyesight was so poor. Then it was the time when Big Brother Zhangyue was in trouble in April or May.The staff in special group of the case came to me to get some information in May. They were surprised by getting whole understanding of the prison because of the Zhangyue’s problem. I was specially treated and bitterly supervised in prison by Big Brother Zhangyue’s requirement. Outside the prison there was disclosed information that how I was tortured and persecuted. By the public appeal I was lowered supervisory level in loose administration. I was taken out of the single room and started to take part in the labor. That’s the whole process.

I tell you, you don’t need to worry about what I got through in the prison. Even I was behind bars because of you, but we are still friends. It’s meaningless that you turn to different person. You can’t block any piece of news. That kind of bad thing doesn’t only happen to me. So did you. Even others including Chen Zhiyao, Lin Hongdao, Xia Ping… You think whether you have any old friend by all the way. All of them are new friends, or they are just that kind of person who takes advantages of your belief in Buddhism and your filial feelings to your parents. The glory of your wealth gave people the false impression: you really treated friends well, you believed in Buddhism, you were kind, you were filial to parents and you were of worth as a friend. Your experiences in wealth and success were lessons that we should learn. And then we gathered around you. You tempted us with interests, but after the usage you just kicked us away. That’s maybe a good end. Otherwise we might go to the jail like me or worse. I’m not the worst one. I’m lucky and have nine lives, so I’m still alive. If not, I already was killed by you. These are mainly all the endings.

So now I think that Buddhism is about all the samsara. You used to worship and believe in Buddhism, but I didn’t believe these things that days. After I went to the jail, my families gave me some sutra by chance. I read them and started to believe in Buddhism. Now I’m a great believer in this kind of things, such as karma, a circle of guilt, ten kinds of goodness and five precepts. That is to say, you as a Buddhist broke a great precept in this status today. Secondly, you broke another precept that lied after drinking alcohol. Thirdly, you slandered many people which I thought was meaningless. Now I think you need a rethink. In addition, I think you need pay attention to your condition. I mean you had some aggressive behaviors after drinking too much, such as biting and beating people, even striking others with shotgun. I think you are in the condition right now. Now you are on a live show. You drank too much and messed it up.

Drink little. Don’t drink too much. You kept saying the same thing in the show. What you said before couldn’t match the words you said later. I even lost interests. What’s more, you couldn’t justify yourself. You need bounce back with the statement when you drank before. You rationally talk about something. Talk it in objective way. Then it will be good. Now you look like a clown. But I don’t want to see you like this.

And another thing is your habit of nonsense. When we were still together, when Wang Youjie or Wang Yujie, I can’t distinguish these two people, I mean the one who was the Secretary of Zhengzhou Municipal Committee of CPC, he went to your lake. After you two drank tea and talked for a while, you told the secretary not to make any sound right now. You said the leader were swimming in your place and told the secretary not to show up. But you mentioned the thing by yourself. We both knew it clearly that which leader would come. Including the secretary of your hometown who came from Liaocheng, Mr. so-and-so,after he came, Zhou Yuan (transliteration) gave you one piece of paper. Then you read it: my schedule today, ten o’clock I had to meet with director Zhang Yimou. And then I need have lunch with him. Or you said that the princess would come. You talk about she was blablabla. Talking about the paper, I saw the schedule by your side and it made me want to laugh. You could show it to others and fooled them. You made a show of power and created some atmosphere for the people of your hometown. It could be understood because it’s good to your future business.

But sometimes I would think about the time that our seven-star restaurant just opened. Yes, it’s a restaurant. So I invited some friends to come and you also invited some friends. Then you came to the table and had a toast, you said hey, bro, your friend mustn’t go outside because our first lady was here. The first lady was the wife of the head of our country at that time. Then I was too naive, young and outspoken. Oh, man, you can fool others, but you can’t fool me. I used to be a policeman. How high the security level should be if the first lady really came here? At that time all of us should go outside,all things in here would be checked for security. I said you were talking nonsense. You could fool others, but it’s meaningless that you fool your own buddy. Then you were red in face, turned around and go away. But after several days, you would forget it and kept talking these things.

I don’t think it’s fun. You don’t have any change. You always talk about these things, over and over. Eventually you ruined your reputation. Let’s talk about your family. How does Guo Qiang think about you? How about Guo Mei? How great the two kids are! How simple they are! Guo Qaing had fights with others. No matter what kind of mess was, I would deal with it the same day. Guo Mei is an innocence fat girl. The two kids are not bad. You always talk rubbish with all the dirty words and blah blah blah. As a Buddhist, you created mouth karma. I don’t want to talk about these things. At first, I’m not a person with good manner. Sometimes I sworn at someone. But after I read something these years I rarely do that again.

You shouldn’t create the mouth karma. You think that you worship Buddha and kowtow to him every day. Don’t you feel twisted? You say if Buddha see you, what he feels like? Do you eventually find the thing in your heart?Or can you see the inner part of your heart?

You said you believed in Buddhism and read a lot of sutras. You talked about the sutras with me, including something about Taoism and Tao Te Ching, for example “the highest goodness is like water. Water benefits all things and does not compete”.

You also talked about the heart sutra, such as “a valokitesvara Bodhisattva” and “deeply practicing prajna-paramita”… You talked about how to see the nature of the heart and how to kowtow. You said people need to be respectful and honest, cheat others with sincerity rather than tricks, play no petty tricks. But now listen to the things you are talking about. It proves that you were performing and cheating others in those years. You used all of us and tempted us to be your friends with these things, then ran out of our resources.

You see, after I recognized these problems, I thought the world was not flat but circular with karma. In a word, you commit sins now, so you will suffer a sad fate.

Please don’t say that don’t blame your family. How Sister-in-law Qingzhi think about you? How Guo Qiang and Guo Mei think about their father in the future? As a father with nonsense, you will lose your position in their heart. Do you still have any meaning to live for? It’s meaningless no matter how much money you have. Even you are richer and spend thousands of moneys on wine, cigars and famous brands. All these are meaningless and vulgar. Both we will be buried under the dust one day. The Buddhism thinks all things in the earth is an organic whole. Everything supports each other. There isn’t an independent person. Independent Guo Wengui and Qu Long cannot live alone.

Whether the friendship between us these years was good or bad, we could establish Pangu Securities which relied on the strength of everyone. We accomplished these two programs because of the wisdom of the whole team.

You can’t do that again. If you continued, all your past success would be wiped out. Your families including your next generation will hate you. How your grandson will look upon you? Please don’t do evil anymore for your children.

Then about the fear, you needn’t fear anymore. If you don’t be afraid in your heart, what do you fear? We told directly everyone what we had done before. I admitted the bad things I had done. In order to help you, I bore the liability of diverting Huaxia fund. I don’t blame you. We were in a tough time for our joint career.

You gave me shares then. How can I don’t do my best? I did everything even with liabilities and risks. But today all these are past. You’d better restrain yourself.

I advise you, I mean, that you need offer three incense sticks to Buddha, kowtow and worship Buddha every day. You need rethink whether you really respect Buddha with sincere heart and whether you are filial to parents. And are you filial to your parents in that way? Are you sincere in that way? So you speak nonsense to your friend, homeland, nation and state power?

Moreover, to be honest, if some people really threaten you, you can speak it out. If they are not but you frame them up, you will hurt many families. When Zhongyin company were taken away and you wanted to destroy the evidences, Xiaoli and I had no choice but to divorce to save some stocks and equities. You already controlled the stocks but you still asked Guo Dongbin to do those things.

Zhang Mei(transliteration) didn’t threaten you, but you listed him as wanted in Internet. He was not at home, but you sold his shares. Why did you do that? All you wanted just destroyed the evidences in those years. Zhongyin guaranteed a lot of loans for you. All was about the lie that you didn’t owe Zhongyin money and the money of BMW car? Did it mean a lot? To be honest, if I took out the evidences, you still owed over one-million repair charge of BMW car besides the sum of money.

Then about Xiaoxiao, when you were in a hard time, you sold your house to him for tens of millions of monies. After I went to the jail, you didn’t give him the house. At last, he had to return the money to you without any interests. During the most difficult time in the Olympic Game, all the money in our pockets and company accounts was less than 200,000. XiaoXiao paid more than 20 million yuan for you to decorate sales office. I guaranteed it. It’s all because of me. But after that, you asked policemen to threaten him. Until now you didn’t return the money. You say what’s in your mind? How bad you are! You do the same thing to the friends like me. How can you live in this society? You can run away, but we are in the Internet age. Don’t you feel it’s amazing that I can see you, the big brother, are talking on the opposite side…

“Actually I’m missing you so much and want to talk about these things with you, also to persuade you. You can think this as a help to your friends. When in beijing zenith company, at that time we had those projects, people who worked for you are all your relatives, your employees and those recruited by the audit department. They would not get an amount less than the real one. For example, we had more than 1 billion, and after auditing, they said we had 1.3 billion. At last we decided to ask an intermediary organ to do the audit and paid them by percetage. The intermediary organ got an amount of more than 400 million, and we should paid them more than 100 million, but you regreted. You said 100 million was too much and refused to paid for them. At that time, I guaranteed with my reputation for this.And from then on,you can’t pay for the the running water, I guaranteed, you can’t pay for zhe roadside billboards and cable wire, I guaranteed. All of these are related to the Zhongyin. The minzu securities, printing business cards, those negotiations are all due to the Zhongyin. Projects of these construction companies, including China Railway Construction and the First Group of China Construction, were all guaranteed by the Bank of China.

Although your aim was to destroy the evidence, you were too wicked, left no room . You took the company away, leaving no money to your family. You dismissed all your employees with no evidence left. You could easily take the evidence away, but you hurt my old staff of the Bank badly. Can you live by your conscience? These people had helped Pangu Securities and you so much. I don’t know what you think about it. You paid a lot of money to hire bodyguards,I think this reflected your fear inside. That time,you only commuted between your home and company, without the third place. You even dare not have a meal in public.

After third old brother was killed, someone took vengeance on you. Why are you so afraid of them? Only because you have done too much evil?
You defrauded money from friends like me. Same with the construction unit, they worked for you without being paid. When they finished the work, and you had earned your money, you still refused to pay them and drived them away. In the end, you framed them in the court.

Therefore, you always have no old friends but only new friends. You defraud and frame people around you, I guess you have that ability. Previously in the US, you still survived without Pangu’s money,but you still can live, Because you have a plausible tougue. You can cheat both Chinese and foreign friends!

So, stop doing this. I may have said too much today. Seeing your videos, I feel tired and disgraceful,but still want to see. Seeing you have no improvements, I hoped you could do better. Anyway, I’m in a very complicated mood.”
Buddists talk about karma and reincarnation. God is watching everything you did. The one who has done a lot of evil doomed to destruction. Ok, that’s enough for today. I’m not in a good state. After a day or two, I will see what you say to me, then I’ll talk to you again.

On september 23th, 2017, Qu Long’s lawyer talked about how to use the law to fight against Guo Wengui’s frame.

I am Qu Long’s lawyer, also the defense attorney in Qu Long’s job occupation crime heard by the people’s court of Weichang county, and the advocate in Qu Long’s trial heard by the higher people’s court of Hebei Province.

In 2012, the people’s court of Weichang sentenced Qu Long 15 years of imprisonment and confiscation of all his personal property for job occupation crime, and deprived his political rights for five years. On september 12th, 2017, The final judgment of Hebei Higher People’s court revoked the original conviction for Qu Long and the verdict of Chengde intermediate court. It declared that Qu Long was innocent, and this was the final judgment.

For six and a half years, the day of clean fnally came to Qu Long. Looking back over the past six years, as a lawyer for many years, I have a deep feeling. The case of Qu long is not an ordinary criminal case. It expected the possible hardships in the future.

On March 31th, 2011, Qu Long’s families phoned me that Qu Long was dragged away by some unidentified people in beijing. The scene of the capture was so mess. The car was smashed, and other tools were scattered all over the place, and they didn’t know where those people from. I told the families to report the case to relevant departments. But as the case went on, we began to realize that the capture was done by Chengde police in Beijing. As a lawyer who has worked for many years, I felt that this arrest was so special. As Qu Long commited neither a violent crime nor an active crime, the violent arrest must had other reasons.

After learning that Qu Long was captured in Chengde, the defender made an appeal to the detention house for an interview, but was declined for reasons such as national security and classified matters. During the case, a Chengde policeman, Mr Guo went to Tianjin and threaten me in the name of conversation. He told me that Qu Long had offended his boss. I asked who was his boss. He said his boss was Guo Wengui who had the name “the master of Beijing”. Mr Guo also told me that his boss, Zhangyue, the secretary of Hebei political and Law Committee, was supervising the whole case, and I should be careful in this period, otherwise I would be in real trouble. As a lawyer for nearly 30 years, I figured out that the relations between those people were so complicated, as an ordinary policeman could threaten the advocate so boldly. There must be secrets behind the whole story. In the cases that happened later, I clearly felt that this was not a simple criminal case.

A few months after Qu Long was arrested, I saw him for the first time. In the detention house, I saw wounds in his eyes and above his nose, which were obviously caused by violent blows. Qu Long told me that while in custody, he was repeatedly interrogated by Chengde police outside the detention house. He was assaulted by them violently and left the wounds that I have seen.

As Qu Long’s defender, I thought the Chengde police had the suspicion of extorting confessions by torture, so I proposed to reflect the case to relevant departments, but Qu Long stopped me. Thinking of his aged parents and young kid, he was afraid of making bad influence on them, so he stopped me. But he firmly told me that someone could testify for him, including the guards and other person at the detention house, which reassured me a little. And I continued to defend for him legally.

Strange things happened afterwards. During the examination and prosecution, according to the relevant provisions of criminal law, the advocate has the right to look up the dossiers of relevant cases. However, someone of Weichang People’s Procuratorate only provided files partly. As the most important files of the case, they refused to provide. Even so, I still wrote my objection to Weichang People’s Procuratorate. But till the session, the prosecutor still refused to provide the important files of Qu Long’s case to me.

When I was going over the files, something strange happened again. Qu Long was arrested on March 31, 2011, charged for crime of illegally holding or hiding a firearm, which had been registered in October 2010 by the bureau of public security in Chengde. The arrest was on March 31, 2011 while the decided date was March 29, 2011. However, there was no documentary evidence in the files, including case resources and the report materials. There was neither other documentary evidence nor testimony of witnesses.

Especially in this case, as the Chengde police registered the case in other place, this should have the designated jurisdiction of the Ministry of public security, but I checked all the files, the designated jurisdiction did not exist. Therefore, I concluded that it was a case of illegal register and illegal investigation. According to the follow illegal behaviors of people from bureau of public security in Chengde, I figured out that it was a feigned case made by some police of Chengde, incited by Guo Wengui and intervened by Zhang Yue. They used this feigned case to arrest and frame Qu Long.

From the files, we can see that Qu Long was arraigned repeatedly outside the detention house. The police didn’t enquire the witness at the assigned place. A large number of documentary evidence was not true. In view of this, the defender suggested that it cannot judge whether the evidence or the procedure was legal, because the dossier had not been provided on time. Even in such situation, the people’s court of Weichang county still sentenced Qu Long to a fixed-term imprisonment of 15 years for job occupation crime, and confiscated all his personal property and deprived his political rights for five years

Due to the serious procedural and substantive problems in the case, the advocate appealed to the Chengde intermediate people’s court with the consent of Qu Long. The main reason for the appeal was that the case was in violation of procedure. However, the Chengde intermediate people’s court did not accept the appeal, and maintained the original judgment. In this way, Qu Long was sent to prison and was executed his sentence for six and a half years.

In the meantime,as a legal person, I firmly believe that the case has lost justice and equity for the procedure is illegal .Qu long’scase was a wrongly-charged case,was a case caused by Guo wengui who wanted to cover up his crime and collude with Zhangyue and others so that the Chengde law enforcement authorities of individual scum framed Qu long.So we started the long process of appeal.

Qu long was sentenced in May 2012 and put into prison to begin his life in prison.But another strange thing happened,in January 2013 , after Qu long case ended more than half a year ago.Qu long’slover and chief financial officer of the company were captured to Chengde by Chengde City Public Security Bureau, for nothing.The purpose of that time was to prevent Zhou Li and other people from providing relevant information to the case handling organ when other case handling authorities was dealing with Guo wengui related cases,meanwhile, to destory the evidence of Guo wengui robbed company property.

Before the first trial of the Qu long case in 2011, I wrote the lawyer’s plea. In the plea I put forward that this case was a wrongly-charged case by the case handling organs illegal handling , was a wrongly-charged case that Guo wengui in order to cover up his crime by directing others to commit perjury.From the beginning of the Qu long case to the present, until I got the Qu long case, the Hebei provincial high court acquitted the verdict, I have been holding this belief.

Especially after the 18th CPC National Congress, in the case of the Qu long,Hu Ge,Nie Shubin and ect,the judicial organs corrected these cases and made the case of the Hu Ge ,Nie Shubin was obtained a fair judicial verdict.It is in this big situation that we see the Party Central Committee’s idea of governing the country by law and the firm determination to maintain judicial justice in an all-round way.All these made us strengthen the verdict on the case of Qu long’sdetermination.Our complaint had been attached great importance by the relevant departments, and the case had been comprehensively reviewed and reviewed.

During the review review period,the three witnesses who had been convicted of embezzlement have changed the testimony of witnesses at that time and have pointed out the detailed process when Guo wengui ordered them to commit perjury,the relevant documentary evidence is given sufficient evidence in the case trial,violation of judicial procedure of the original handling organs is also highly valued,in this case,after the retrial session,Qu long is acquitted of all charges.

Qu long’sinnocence has been going on for more than six years,however, his results can fully reflect that our party’s central rule of law is gradually rooted in the hearts of the people, and the Party Central Committee’s determination to maintain judicial justice is unshakable.Qu long’scase was finally commuted ,which embodies the general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech that makes the people feel justice and fairness in every judicial case,also meets people’s expectations of public security, judicial justice and rights and interests protection.It’s an indelible memory of my career.

September 22, 2017,Qu long explain in detail about how Guo wengui to invade and occupy his four sets of house property

I want to talk about my four set of houses property with you today.

You promised to give me a 50% stake. I was also doing my best to help our projects. We had have 80% of equity back with the project of Zheng quan by May 2008.You gave it to me. I started as executive director doing for along time. Then I solved some trouble. We had some homes to start selling, paid down some debt and returning to the cage gradually, so the reputation of the society was getting better.

When you found me and said: “We have started the pre-sale registration. You make contribution to me and do so many things for company, but the company is in the high debt. There are more than 20,000 square meters of business along the street, which you can register your name then give it to your child.”I didn’t agree with you, The financing was so high, Our company was lack of money. We could sell it. Hundreds of millions of years of interest so difficult now, let’s do something first, others later.

But it didn’t take long,you said, “We installed several sets of modelsin Pangu Office.This is one of the best, give you a set, go home and talk to your family and Laoli.”But Laoli didn’t agree.Laoli said, “The project is so large, more than 600 square meters, each room is very big, the number of rooms is less,and our parents live here, if we live there,it’s not suitable and we’d better not take it ”. Finally I just refused .

A little later,you said, “I didn’t sell all the top houses in Zheng Quan , there is a building ,Number10, above four sets of house is the best, give it to you, you can make the two houses become one, and leave it for your parents, and leave two sets for your children. This is a small gift.”I didn’t promise you at that time.I said to consult with my family.Yang Xiaoli said to me that you told her many times about this thing and wants me to take it, otherwise you will think we are avid for the shares. You take it , and it is just for millions of yuan.” After talking with my families, I told you and you got permission for it.After the discussion with the family I found you, you have got the batch list, I was brought up, and told me that I didn’t take long to company. Although I join in the capacity of a shareholder, many people don’t know much about it. They don’t be given house, old employees at once you give no sets, you can have the idea, I said that you will deal with relationship. If you back to the company and then you signed in the instruction file, said by the general meaning, so that you will give yu-ying Yang (transliteration), li tao (transliteration), yu-mei guo (transliteration), what is your niece, and arrange Owen do the procedure. Later, one room was given to qu wei, and also a friend who helped us. The other three are in the name of xiao li. She was on a business trip to Hainan and was not at home. I couldn’t find my ID card and put her in her name.

At the beginning of 2009, Huatai bought YuDa office. Maybe you thought that it would be distracted with you. You used Zhengqua property to control four hundred million of the money, May engage in a lawsuit with you in the future, or take other ways to deal with you. In fact, you think too much. Then, you started looking for my harassment. There are a number of preferential housing and all of Zheng quan’s examination and approval of all reimbursement documents, you made a big list. About the 3 or 4 months of 2009, you called me to your office in a serious way. You said“this is unreasonable, during this executive director of the 6~70 million loss to company”. I said that was impossible. You take out the list, there were 29 suites, which were the preferential approval of the document at that time. Then I told you that one by one, four suites were you gave me and the other 25 set was made during the period when the shares of the government were mortgaged to poly. At that time you need money, I gave you bear to do pre-sale registration to receive money after selling. I said if we do not repurchase, poly shares can’t give somebody else do pre-sale registration. Whether I have to return the money back? You need money in a hurry at that time and nobody could lend you in the business circle in Beijing, I borrowed you. Do you want to go back on our word now?You said you didn’t mean it, and then I told you about other expenses,hen I had a look at your state, I was also a little chilling, I said “the eldest brother ,anyway, These suites have been hung in the Zheng quan. Zheng quan with bank of China has a lot of books, interest payment, guarantee, BMW repaired and so on, I said would repay a debt calculate, because it didn’t several million. We don’t need to do so clearly, you said:”well, then, Yang ying and manager Qu Would put this thing to do.”

After I Went back I drafted something. I put this a few houses on boc corporate accounts and made a repay a debt financial procedure. I put the agreement contract to Yang ying. Don’t try so hard to take it back, because we haven’t the tension to degree. If you want to take that chapter, I’ll take it back to you, but I didn’t think we could fight it. You used it to hack me and hurt me.

Later, you wanted to take a stake in huatai, and you won’t take it away from the company, a series of victimize, and then you would be working on it. Later, it was through trial and lawyer that I learned how you had destroyed this thing, and how litao and Yang ying gave false testimony. Is it a little unconscionable that you did this process? I just can’t figure out, which is why did you do that? What’s the pointEven if you hurt me, Huatai’s shares won’t give me, and 50 percent of the shares won’t give me, I don’t have the idea that I want you this thing. This chapter is in my hand, I can build two pieces of paper casually to get two undertaking book? Why should I be in this state?

I’ve seen your video, and I don’t know what to say. I think you should reflect on your reflection, organize your words. You should make video a little bit shorter and get a little more confused… So don’t do it. Be more honest.

You used to tell me the story of the Buddhist scriptures, and I was impressed by the first paragraph of the diamond.”…….” In front of the Buddha is also a person who also want to begging, meditation, rest, the disciple asked dharma tired also want to speak, that is all aspects of life, we have to be doing something first, honesty is the first, first of all, peace is the first, your state is now into the magic word, day and night nonsense, says it is a Buddhist, and burn incense in the morning and evening, you said that the Buddha saw what it would be like?

You know why I said so much today? Actually, I mean to persuade you once again not to do such folly things, which will bring sufferings for your descendants. Everything has its own transmigration. Do you believe it? Your family will take the sufferings resulted from what you have been doing, which is totally out of your control. So tell some facts, instead of nonsense, to clean up your sin, please.

After I had come back, a lot of friends asked me “Does Mr. Guo really know some official leaders and superiors?” I laughed. It was just a trick! He just said it. Both of us were born in the northeast of China. We are all ordinary guys. How can that be? Don’t talk such nonsense! We knew each other very well, OK?

Well, that’s all for today. I will go out with my family in a few days and then I will share some interesting things with you. In fact, after I came out from jail, I found many great changes in our country. That’s so amazing! I hope you will come back as soon as possible and have a look. Now the Internet is becoming more and more popular. We have access to as much information as whatever we want. Therefore, don’t do such foolish things. Eh… at last, wish you happiness every day in the US and your parents good health.

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